Joelma regrets sequels left by Coronavirus: ‘Weak voice’. know more

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Joelma contracted the Coronavirus in July and assumed that, to this day, he still suffers from sequelae left by the disease, which has also infected other celebrities such as Maraisa, who donated plasma to provide antibodies to patients undergoing treatment, and Neymar, who discovered he was infected after traveling to Ibiza with Anitta. “I stayed on a bed for 60 days. Since I didn’t have the energy to speak, my voice was weak”, he detailed in an interview with “Fantástico”. According to Joelma, the belief that the virus affects the healthiest lightly is wrong: “I really thought that if I caught Covid’s virus I would take it out of hand. Because I sing, I dance, I work out, I take care of the But the animal caught it. So I advise that what the person can do to take more care of others and we have to do it.

Joelma points out changes in the post-Covid body

Despite having already gone through the worst moment of the disease, the paraense singer, whose natural beauty stole the scene on the web, explained that she still doesn’t feel 100%. “Breathing returned to normal about three days ago, because she was still there, I started exercising slowly, doing some breathing exercises. Because [antes disso] I couldn’t sing “, he assumed. And detailed some physical changes that the disease caused:” I’m still swollen. So much so that I had to increase the number of my bra. The breasts grew. I did the exams, everything was normal. And nobody can explain it because I got too big “.

Joelma revealed that he lost his taste

And even the way of eating changed after the “No Love” interpreter was contaminated. “I can’t smell things. It’s funny that these symptoms came after two months [da contaminação]. When I stopped tasting the food, I started pushing with a banana to be able to eat because I didn’t feel like it. The food tasted like rubber, “described Joelma, who turned 46 years old during the period of social isolation.

Joelma’s son underwent facial harmonization

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Yago Mendes, Joelma’s son, took the opportunity to undergo facial harmonization, a technique that has transformed the faces of several celebrities. In her social network, the singer showed the result of the procedure and praised: “Notice this beautiful result of the procedures. Thank you Dr. Enio for making this dream come true in such a dedicated and attentive way. We are very happy with your work”.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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