“Joelina has to fight against many prejudices”

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Jürgen Drews about his fellow musicians, his future plans – and whether he would like to become a grandpa soon.

It’s his fitness potion. A spoonful of the fresh chicken soup that his wife Ramona, 47, made for him, then Jürgen Drews, 75, is ready to go. Almost unbelievable: the master of German hits has been on stage for 60 years.

GALA: Mr. Drews, do you envy your young colleagues?
Jürgen Drews:
Why should I?

When you started your career, your biggest stage was the ZDF hit parade. Today Instagram and Co. offer completely new possibilities.
I think if all of that had existed back then, I would certainly have had a large group of followers.

On your new album you sing with fellow musicians like Howard Carpendale and Florian Silbereisen, but also with unusual partners like comedian Otto Waalkes. Are these all friends?
No, but great guys! Basically I don’t like friendships with men. Leaving women at home to do “man’s things” – I’ve never done that before.

With this attitude it was certainly not always easy in the industry. Who didn’t you get along with so well?
I don’t want to name any names, but there have been one or the other where you sometimes get little swipes in the form of sayings.

Jürgen Drews on casting shows

Speaking of sayings: why have you never sat on the jury of a casting show?
I was once in conversation for “Germany is looking for the superstar”. But that didn’t feel good to me. At that time, Dieter Bohlen still dealt properly against the candidates. I’m not the type for that.

Jürgen Drews and his wife Ramona in 1999.

For most people today you are “The King of Mallorca”. A title that you are proud to wear?
It was Thomas Gottschalk who helped me to achieve this honor: In 1999 he took me to “Wetten, dass ..?” so announced. I immediately thought that was funny. I just enjoy this fictional character. I still appear in my coat today. I’m just leaving out the crown now – I think that’s too exaggerated.

Jürgen Drews: “Nobody is irreplaceable, not even me”

You just wrote your bio, now the bestofAlbum. It looks like you are contemplating the end of your career.
Yes it is. I’m not saying that my new album is the last. But if that happens, that’s okay too. I have more than 50 new titles in the drawer, but due to the Corona crisis it is currently taking some effort to go to the studio.

What would the hit world be missing without Jürgen Drews?
Nothing. Nobody is irreplaceable, not even me.

Is your wife even happy when you are at home more often now?
She knows that I still enjoy being on stage. But because of my somewhat more mature age, I’m no longer as volatile as I used to be with three jobs in one day. At that time I was a “jack of all trades”. Ramona, who accompanies me from time to time, was very grateful for the current compulsory break. The constant traveling is exhausting.

You can balance things out with a hobby.
Yes, for me this is our garden. We have a huge Japanese ornamental tree that we once took from a TV studio. In summer it attracts bees from all directions. I love to sit under this tree, listen to the hum and watch the bees at work. If Ramona brings me a latte macchiato and joins it, my luck is perfect.

Jürgen Drews about his daughter Joelina

Your daughter Joelina is just taking over your musical legacy – your name is sure to open a few doors there.
Not necessarily. Joelina has to fight against many prejudices: “Aha, here comes the daughter of Drews!” All the more, she wants to go her own way and doesn’t even ask me for advice. She is very determined and hardworking.

Do you dream of becoming a grandpa?
If it comes, then it comes. But we’ve never talked about it. Joelina’s career would probably be more of a hindrance if she became a mother now.

Do you ever wonder how much time you have left?
I keep thinking about death from time to time, but I don’t want to give that too much space. Otherwise you will actually get sick. And you can’t really live healthier than Ramona and I. My wife keeps me young and fit. It should stay that way for a long time.

You have been married for 26 years. What is your love secret?
We treat each other with respect and are never abusive in discussions. Go to bed in an argument? I couldn’t even fall asleep there.

Sources used: own interview


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