History is an exciting concept in that it always changes with time and political situation. This was noticed at least by the presidential candidate Joe Biden, which drew a special Adolf Hitler card in the debate Donald Trumpin with.

– We are not at war with each other, so we have a good distance. And friendship with other heads of state is a good thing, Trump justified his exceptionally close ties with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-uniin.

The truth is that Kim is one of the worst tyrants on earth, whose state terror makes the daily lives of millions of North Koreans a nightmarish struggle for survival.

Biden would have liked to pay attention to that too, but he chose his words poorly.

– That is the same as when we said we had a good distance with Hitler before he conquered Europe, the Democratic presidential candidate said.

Full collision

Biden’s comment got a complete bang from the Twitter people, he describes Fox News. For the most part, it was a full Vale, even though it was just a poorly reasoned throw.

Attempts were once made to treat Hitler neutrally or even positively long before the atrocities of the Nazi regime came to light. Now, decades later, no one wants to remember that Hitler was not yet directly convicted in the early years of his kingdom.

For example, the American magazine Time chose Hitler as “Person of the Year” in 1938, even though Nazi Germany had already swallowed Austria and Czechoslovakia into its embrace at that time.

The then president of the United States Franklin Roosevelt tried to reassure Hitler by writing letters to him and asking that no more living space be taken over.

World War II broke out after Nazi Germany marched on Poland in 1939, after which Hitler clearly slipped into the black pages of history.