Here are the results of a nationwide opinion poll conducted on Thursday:
According to the average poll published by NBC News, Biden has a 7.9 point advantage over Trump. The figure is based on an unweighted average of the most recent 10 opinion polls.
RealClearPolitics polls show Biden is 6.6 points ahead of Trump.
Another average, made by FiveThirtyEight, places Biden 7.6 points ahead of Trump.
Three polls that asked participants who won Tuesday night’s debate show that Biden is in the lead, even though respondents, along with most commentators and the moderator himself, criticized the debate.
A CNBC / Change Research poll on Tuesday night and Wednesday found that 53% of likely national voters said Biden performed better during the debate, compared to 29% for Trump. According to the survey, 45% of survey participants said Trump’s performance was below expectations, and 11% said the same about Biden.
Only 2% of respondents said that the debate made them change their mind, compared to 98% who said no.
The virulent debate, marked by numerous interruptions and personal attacks, has been criticized by analysts and viewers.
In the CNBC / Change Research poll, for example, 77% of voters said the debate did not make them proud to be American.
However, a 55% to 28% majority of respondents said there should be more debate. Two more presidential debates are scheduled for October 15 in Miami.
The Committee on Presidential Debates has announced that it will change the rules following the first debate.
Another poll, conducted by CBC News, shows Biden the lead in the debate, at 48% to 41%, and 10% of respondents said it was a tie. The vast majority of respondents, 69%, said they felt disturbed watching the debate. The survey has a margin of error of plus / minus 3.4 percentage points.
An instant poll conducted by CNN and SSRS, with a margin of error of 6.3 points, shows that 60% of respondents said that Biden came out victorious, and 28% gave Trump a victory.
Trump declared victory, but the president repeatedly attacked moderator Wallace after the debate.
“We won in style, based on a compilation of polls,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.
Trump’s team, in turn, referred to polls suggesting victory in the debate, including unscientific scenarios on Twitter, in which anyone can participate.
Wednesday’s CNBC / Change Research poll also shows that Biden is gaining ground nationally ahead of Trump: 54% of respondents in favor of Biden and 41% in favor of Trump.
The CNBC / Change Research poll was conducted among 925 voters nationwide and has a margin of error of plus / minus 3.22 percentage points. The margin of error increases to 3.47 points for questions on the debate, which were addressed to 796 voters.
Just one month before election day, November 3, the president’s window to change the trajectory of the election race is narrowing.
Not only is Biden’s position constant in the polls, but the Democratic campaign is recording some of the highest fundraising ever. Biden campaign officials said they raised $ 3.8 million through ActBlue in the last hour of the debate, a record for the site.
Trump supporters, on the other hand, say that Hillary Clinton also had almost 3 million more votes than Trump, but lost in the Electoral College, as a result of borderline defeats in the undecided states.
In some of these states, Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls, even though he has a small lead.
According to RealClearPolitics, which tracks polls in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Arizona, Biden has an average of 3.5 points ahead of Trump.