The first televised debate of the US presidential candidates saw a worrying moment for democracy when Donald Trump circulated the question of whether he would also accept the election result at the time of defeat.

– If I find that thousands of ballots are being falsified, then I cannot accept it. This election will be the biggest fraud you will ever see, Trump squirmed.

He has previously asserted that he may not accept the election result, and hinted that the Supreme Court may have to elect a future president.

Candidate who survived Tuesday’s debate better Joe Biden however, believes Trump’s speeches have no cover.

– The president will relinquish power. Americans will not tolerate anything else, Biden assured his supporters on Wednesday.

– U.S. voters will elect the next president. Point.

The Democratic candidate has a clear and stable leadership in opinion polls. The controversial mood of the television debate did not, at least not immediately, change the balance of power in one way or another.

Trump faced a defensive stance due to high U.S. interest rate mortality and his own tax revelations. However, the President did not find any arguments to support his position, but resorted to the instigation that seemed like school bullying.

“Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but the way the U.S. president behaved was a national disgrace,” Biden continued.

– He did not speak to the voters at all. That performance was just full of him himself.