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The Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States participated in a campaign event and warned about the risks of Covid-19.

The Democratic candidate for president of United States, Joe Biden, assured this Friday at a campaign event in Grand Rapids (Michigan) that he prays for the “rapid recovery” of President Donald Trump after his positive for coronavirus and asked to take the covid-19 pandemic seriously and not to politicize the strategy to combat it.

“I want to send my prayers to President Trump and the first lady, so that they have a quick recovery,” said Biden, who in his short speech always wore a surgical mask and who maintains his campaign calendar, after the coronavirus test give it negative.

Biden’s statements came, however, before the president was transferred “as a precaution” to a military hospital, where he will be hospitalized for a few days.

The former vice president during the term of Barack Obama had begun to relax in the campaign some of the measures to prevent contagion, such as taking off the mask when speaking.

Biden took the opportunity to open his speech talking about the coronavirus pandemic, which has left more than 208,000 dead in the United States and asked “take it seriously” and be responsible to fight it, in addition to not politicize the fight against the disease, who said that if he comes to power he will get put under control.

The Democratic candidate asked the population to be “patriotic” and to wear the chinstraps whenever there is a risk of transmission and regular tests are provided not only for people in the White House or for members of his campaign, but also for workers, especially those of higher risk such as those in the meat industry.

“God protect the First Family (as the president’s family is known),” added Biden in his speech in Michigan, a key state in winning the presidency.

Biden, who on Tuesday shared the stage with Trump during the 90 minutes of the presidential debate, assured that if he comes to power after the elections on November 3, he will expand medical benefits for the elderly, make childcare centers cheaper and make public university education free for incomes of less than $ 125,000 annually.

The message was aimed at workers, middle-class families and the undecided, who in 2016 voted largely for Trump and granted him the presidency.

“I know many of you are tired of being ignored and disrespected,” Biden said. Many workers “think that we do not see, listen or respect them,” he added, vowing that if he reaches the White House that will change.

Meanwhile, Trump, 74, was hospitalized after having a fever for much of the day.

In the same vein that Biden expressed Obama, minutes after Trump was admitted to the military hospital: “We are in the middle of a great political battle, but although the stakes are high, let us remember that we are all Americans,” said the former president in Twitter

“Michelle and I hope that the president, the first lady and all those affected by the coronavirus throughout the country are receiving the care they need and are on the road to a speedy recovery,” began his message on social networks.

The White House assured that the president is still in office, but will spend the next few days in a military hospital on the outskirts of Washington.

“On the recommendation of his physician and experts, the president will be working in the presidential offices of Walter Reed for the next few days,” said press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

The White House doctor, Sean Conley, indicated that Trump, with “fatigue” and “good spirits”, received a dose of the Regeneron antibody cocktail, an intravenous treatment that is in the stage of clinical trials and did not obtain still green light from the regulators.


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