The Spanish nurse, Joan Pons Laplana, known for volunteering in the UK for the University of Oxford and Astrazeneca Laboratories for COVID-19 trials, has tested positive for coronavirus after being subjected to the test as a routine control.

This has been confirmed by Pons on his Twitter account. He assures that after four months of negative results, this Wednesday he tested positive for Covid-19. “The moment of truth has arrived. I have tested positive in one of my tests. Hopefully he has entered the preferred group of scientists, the vaccinated infected. Thanks to this and with this result, I am helping to end the Coronavirus “, he celebrated.

The nurse points out that he is isolated in a room in his house. As he indicated to various media, he is fine and that the symptoms began to notice on Wednesday when he got up with “nasal congestion and headache”. “I called the Oxford phone and they told me to do a PCR,” he says.

Joans is a 45-year-old nurse from Barcelona, ​​Joan Pons, who has lived for twenty years in the British town of Sheffield and that in June he volunteered to receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford.

Joan Pons, Oxford Covid Vaccine Volunteer: “My hatred of the virus was stronger than anything that could happen to me”

As explained in a conversation with 20minutos at the end of September, he has not had to alter his routines, it must be done, until August, one analysis per month and one PCR weekly. And that he had been negative for twelve and all, even after being confined with his daughter when he returned to Sheffield after a visit to Spain in August and she tested positive. “I have to continue taking precautionary measures because the million dollar question, if the vaccine is totally effective, is not 100% resolved,” he said at the time.