The Americans will elect a new president for the next four years on November 3rd. The country will be led by either the incumbent president Donald Trump or the rise of the Democrats Joe Biden. The last heated moments of the battle are going on.

At the same time, the wives of the rivals are running their own race behind the scenes. On the contrary, they have almost four years played the role of the first woman – sometimes apparently reluctantly Melania Trump, 50, and Doctor of Education, former second woman – a title she hates – Jill Biden, 69.

The role of the first woman is special. It is not elected or remunerated, but it is hoped that the first woman will highlight the human side of the president and the qualities that appeal to voters. The wife of the presidential candidate therefore plays an important role already in the election campaign.

In the White House, the first woman is expected to remain in support of her husband, but outside politics, and focus on so-called softer things.

But what kind of mothers in the country would Jill Biden or Melania Trump become? How would they be different?

A different woman

Jill Biden is not going to bow to the traditional first woman role. He has already said in advance that he is not going to give up teaching, whether the man is president or not. Jill Biden would be the first first woman to work. It wouldn’t be easy, as the first woman has a lot of responsibilities that a man brings with her office.

Biden has worked for more than 30 years as an English teacher, and she would also become the first doctoral graduate woman to attend the White House throughout history. Jill Biden completed her doctorate in education in 2007.

Prior to that, he had completed master’s degrees in teaching literacy and English.

Jill Biden already has experience with the White House when she was the second female president Barack Obaman during. At the time, he supported the families of soldiers, was involved in the activities of cancer foundations, and focused public attention on public schools.

But even then, Jill Biden held her head and taught her entire husband’s vice presidential English at a school outside of Washington.

Jill Biden describes herself as an introvert and says she has not wanted to end up as a politician’s wife on Gold Day. In his memoirs, he tells his nerves to give his first political speech so that he felt sick.

Reluctant number one woman

Melania Trump, os., Who studied design and architecture in her native Slovenia for a year, but then embarked on a career in design. Knauss, on the other hand, has remained mostly in the background during her husband’s presidency. He has been launching a campaign against cyberbullying of children and has tackled the drug problem plaguing the United States.

Prior to the White House, Melania Trump had released her own jewelry as well as skin care series. But that business ended when Donald Trump became president of the United States.

The husband’s victory in the presidential election was rumored to be a crushing blow to Melania Trump. Born in Slovenia, Melania did not wait or believe she would end up in the White House.

He waited five months before moving from New York to Washington.

Neither has the rumor been dampened by the fact that Melania has often been portrayed as looking unhappy alongside her husband or refusing to go hand in hand with her husband in front of the media. This in turn has led to gossip about the couple’s marriage. According to some rumors, Melania would divorce her husband as soon as her term ends.

Indeed, the attitude of Americans towards the first woman has been contradictory. Melania’s clothing choices have raised eyebrows over the years. He was criticized when he attended an event for hurricane victims wearing low-cost caps. Melania’s visit to the Migrant Detention Center in Texas was also not overlooked. At the time, she was wearing a fashion giant Zara’s jacket with the text: “I really don’t care, do you care?”

The actual storm erupted when Melania decorated the White House with red decorations for Christmas 2018. They reminded many of the slaves dressed in red in the Slave series of Dystopia, also presented in Finland.

Both have a model background

Melania, who had a modeling career in New York, met Donald Trump at a party in 1998. Trump was divorcing his second wife at the time Marla Maplesista. In 2005, Melania stepped to the altar John Gallianon A $ 200,000 wedding dress. Son Barron was born a year later.

Jill Biden has also done model work, though not on the same scale as Melania. It was thanks to her modeling career that Jill met her future husband, Senator Joe Biden, in 1975.

Biden, who had just been widowed, had drawn his attention to the blonde in the commercials. Joe’s brother knew Jill and was dating.

However, Biden, dressed in a sports jacket and loafers for movie dates, did not immediately impress Jill, who was still in dispute over her ex-husband.

– This is not going to be anything, never. He’s nine years older than me, Jill thought as the movie began.

But by the end of the movie, Jill already disagreed. In the evening, he called his mother and said he had finally met the gentleman.

The style changes

Melania Trump is the first woman to be known for her flashy and expensive designer outfits and most especially for her expensive Birkin bags. He is said to have $ 114,000 worth of them.

For Trump and Biden’s first debate at the end of September, Melania had put on a Dolce & Gabbana trouser costing around € 2,800. Jill Biden, on the other hand, had slipped into a three-year-old silk dress.

Jill Biden’s style hasn’t made the headlines in the same way. She seems to like stylishly cut suits, but she can tint if necessary.

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