A real estate agent and businessman familiar from television Jethro Rostedt has, like many other entrepreneurs, run into difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now he says On Facebook in public updatethat the Studio nightclub in Turku will be closed due to new restrictions and corona renewal that came into force over the weekend. Iltalehti reached out to a businessman to comment on the situation.

The clients of his nightclub disappeared and at the same time the income dwindled.

– That’s what it says in the update that sales are minus 70 percent. Unable to run the nightclub like this, otherwise it will go bankrupt. If nothing slips into the coffin, then salaries cannot be paid, Jethro Rostedt tells Iltalehti.

In the update, the entrepreneur says he will have to lay off his employees.

– This will lead to staff layoffs, initially 25-30 people. In addition, we will have to cancel 7 artists, suspend Teosto payments, stop our entire subcontracting chain (breweries, cleaning, alcohol deliveries, suspend cooperation (2pcs) with restaurants and stop ordering all other materials) This will affect the livelihoods of about 70 people, Rostedt writes on Facebook.

Jethro tells Iltalehti that employees have been informed about the layoffs. The doors are on hold for now, and the situation will be assessed month after month.

– We’ve been here for a long time, week after week, when this new noise started coming, Jeti refers to the second wave of the corona.

Earlier in the spring, the Studio nightclub was closed for three months – already a couple of weeks before the government’s official restrictions.

According to him, the losses are huge.

– In total, this loss is 250,000 euros per month, in state tax revenues it is 150,000-160,000 euros, says Jethro Rostedt.

He bets many other restaurants will be closing their doors as well.

– We will not stop our own activities under any circumstances, now the doors will be closed for a moment. In order for us to continue our activities, this rampant influenza C must calm down. That, too, would affect if the news turned in a positive direction, he ponders.

– Closing a restaurant costs 50,000 a month when we are closed. How long then does it take to look? If half a year goes by, it’s already 300,000 euros – somewhere you run out of money.

Rostedt says he is now paying for the restaurant from his own wallet.

– Own it must be put. Many citizens have the perception that there is always but money in companies, there are buffers for a bad day and it can be found indefinitely. That’s not true. The company has some kind of bumper, but we haven’t been able to take so many people inside the restaurant because of the corona. Of course it matters a lot, he sighs.