Jesse Markin and Claudia Ketonen will have to leave the Dancing with the Stars competition after Sunday. The pair also got the least points when last and this week’s judge points were added together.

When last week’s and this week’s scores and audience votes were added together, the best scores were given Niklas Hagman and Kia Lehmuskoski.

The best couple of the evening this time was Jare and Saana. They got 27 points. When last week’s score added up, Jare and Saana were number one Niklas Hagmanin and Kia Lehmuskoski with. Both couples have maintained a high standard throughout the season.

This week, the dancers were in a Halloween mood. Below you can see how the score was distributed. If you do not see the table, you will see its here.

The story continues after the table below.

“Farewell mood”

After the RTD broadcast, Jesse Markin and Claudia Ketonen admitted that going home feels awkward.

– We say goodbye. Whenever you have to leave friends behind, it just makes you feel sad. We are moving forward, Markin told Iltalehti on Sunday.

– Great memories remain of this experience, Ketonen continued.

The pair received the least points in Sunday ‘s broadcast, ie 16.

Rapper Markin pondered that Sunday’s foxtrot was the hardest part to combine with dancing.

– You pulled well, Ketonen said next.

Jesse Markin said he has interviews and studio work waiting for him next week, even though there is no dancing.

– And I will continue my career as a dance competitor, Ketonen said.

Halloween dance

This week Jukka Hildén and Katri Mäkinen dancing the rumba of the band Voidoid Murder House Theme to the beat of the song. The song is also known as the theme music of the American Horror Story series.

Miisa Rotola-Pukkila and Marko Keränen dancing chacha with AC / DC’s Highway to Hell playing in the background.

Niklas Hagman and Kia Lehmuskoski, on the other hand, delighted the parquet on the Viennese waltz with the song Put A Spell On You. Originally, the song has been made famous Annie Lennox.

Virpi Sarasvuo and Sami Helenius performed as a quickstep Andrew Goldin Trick or Treatin.

Singers Jesse Markin and Claudia Ketonen showed the judges and spectators how foxtrot naturalizes. The song they had was Roisin Murphyn dancing today in Ramalama (Bang Bang).

Sami Sykkö and Ansku Bergström salsa on Sunday night Celia Cruzin La Negra Has Tumbaon pace.

Jare Brand and Saana Akiola danced as foxtrot to The Addams Family Theme, which was the theme song of the television series of the same name in the 1960s.