Jesperi Kotkaniemi, 20, who moved to Ace with a contract valid until further notice, has increased her muscle mass wildly.

Kotkaniemi last played in the League in the 2017–2018 season. Kotkaniemi, a 17-year-old who played his income season at the time, scored 10 + 19 in 57 matches.

He left for Montreal Canadians after the season.

– My weight when I left here was probably 75 kilos and now the weight is on top 90 kilos. I don’t know if it’s meat or something else, but something has come, Kotkaniemi said at the Ace press conference on Monday.

The striker has been training for the last couple of weeks in Helsinki with coach Raimo Summanen and ex-speed skater Janne Hänninen under the authority of the

– We have tried to force the machine quite a bit and at a hard pace. Time has been spent in the gym and attempts have been made to improve skating at the same time. Everything that is taken in the gym is tried to be transferred to ice activities.

Last season, Kotkaniemi scored four goals in ten matches in the NHL playoffs in the Montreal Canadiens shirt. He thought it was good that the season was played out despite the coronavirus.

Admission to the NHL bubble, however, was low.

– The games were somehow tougher when there was nothing terribly to think about but the puddle.

– I was waiting for workouts and games to get on the ice. No other things were found. It was sleeping, eating and squatting with a golf simulator.

In the previous two seasons, the center striker has played a total of 115 NHL regular season matches at 17 + 25 = 42.

Sama juniori

Kotkaniemi will start its second season in Ässi from very different starting points than in autumn 2017. There are only four of the same players in Kopi as a few years ago. The club’s own kennel has risen from a newcomer to an NHL star.

However, Kotkaniemi does not see the same thing.

– It felt like the same junior was back in the same old booth. A bit of the same masks and other familiar ones out there. There is still quite a lot to learn when I am only in his early twenties.

Kotkaniemi is not under pressure to come to the League with NHL status.

– I’m not a tensioner or stresser about stuff like that. It’s nice to come home to a familiar environment. Without the special situation, this would not have been possible.

The purpose of Kotkaniemi is to play in Ace for as long as possible, probably until the threshold of the NHL camp.

His game number will change, as the 31 and 15 previously used by Kotkaniemi are already in use in Ace. In the future, “chosen on the basis of humor” 93 will be on the back.