Jesper Mathisen about the Solbakken firing: – He must be contacted «ASAP»

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Saturday morning came the news that Ståle Solbakken has finished at FC Copenhagen. Now TV 2’s football expert Jesper Mathisen thinks that NFF must be on the field.

– Considering what happened against Serbia and that a new qualifier is on the way, there is no less pressure on NFF and Lars Lagerbäck, Mathisen says to VG.

He was very surprised that Ståle Solbakken was fired in Copenhagen. Despite weak results recently, Mathisen points out that Solbakken is considered a legend in the Danish club.

But that the firing of Solbakken came at this time, only two days after Norway’s loss to Serbia, Mathisen thinks may be interesting.

– If Ståle wants, I almost expect him to be the new national team manager now. He has both success and experience on an international stage. He must be contacted “ASAP” (as soon as possible), Mathisen says clearly.

He points out that Solbakken is also a 4-4-2 man like Lagerbäck, but that the now available coach is more adaptable and can vary more. He also highlights the personality and motivator in Solbakken.

– Now we smoked against Serbia, and then it’s probably time for a new project. It is an exciting generation on the way up and forward now. I think with Solbakken in, you will also see a new tribe. There have been some scrap cards that have been incomprehensible under Lagerbäck. There are players who have been without very many minutes, and even some without a club who have been bankers in the team, says the TV 2 expert.

– This means that a good candidate is available if and if something happens to Lars. Lagerback will give up at some point, but I do not think it will be today or tomorrow. Lars has lifted the Norwegian national team a notch, but he has not broken the code by taking the next step either. It has been a bit of a place to rest lately. I really have no idea what the NFF thinks, says Kjetil Rekdal, who is also very surprised that Solbakken is now finished in Copenhagen.

Another who is also surprised by the kicking is former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel who writes on Twitter that it is a sad day for Danish club football:

– I do not see that the heavy start to the season is enough to remove a coach who has been a bauta for FCK for many years. But maybe both parties have found out that everything has an end, and it’s coming now.

VG’s national team commentator

that “if Lagerbäck does not succeed, then there is a man in Copenhagen who should be Norway’s next national team manager – either in 2021 or no later than 2022”.

– Solbakken is the natural successor to Lagerbäck. The question is only when it will happen, Svegaarden follows up on Saturday.


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