Jennifer Lopez strips completely naked to release a new song

The actress and singer decided to close her 2020 in a way quite similar to how she opened it: with few clothes and showing off her sculptural body.

The American artist Jennifer Lopez She began to close 2020 in the same way she began, unleashing a controversy and impressing with her incredible figure, with the publication of images on social networks in which she appears totally naked.

The posts of a photo and segments of a video are part of the release of your new song In The Morning, a song that fuses disco and R&B while López complains to a couple for not being present for breakfast.

The photo achieved more than 4 million “likes” on the internet in just four hours, provoking comments of admiration, approval, inspiration and condemnation.

It is a way similar to the one in which the artist, of Puerto Rican parents, had started the year. This 2020 started with the images of López sliding down a striptease tube, half naked, in full campaign to achieve an Oscar nomination for his leading role in his film Hustlers.

Although his efforts did not earn him even a nomination for the coveted statuette, it did win him other accolades and set the stage for his daring and masterful performance at the Super Bowl halftime, a space that he shared with the Colombian Shakira.

The universally positive comments from show business specialists were peppered by a group of Americans who cthey waved the presentation for being “too sexual” and show “too many butts”.

During the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, the artist moderated her image of fifties with statuesque body with images of her domestic life, accompanied by her two sons Emme and Max, the product of her marriage to Marc Anthony, her fiancé Alex Rodríguez and the ex-baseball player’s two daughters.

However, the sensual and even sexual diva version of López returned to the fore four weeks ago, when the video of Pa ti / Lonely, the two connected songs that he sings with the Colombian artist Maluma.

The themes would mark the beginning of the promotion of Marry Me, López’s new romantic comedy, in which he shares stellar roles with Owen Wilson, with the special participation of Maluma.

The film was originally going to be released this summer, then it was postponed to February 14, 2021 and currently the premiere has been set for next May. Even with the delay, López and Maluma presented the songs live last Sunday at the American Music Awards.

There the controversy began again. The presentation set off an explosion on Twitter, where López went accused of copying Beyoncé, who had a similar number with her husband Jay Z at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

“Is it me or is Jlo just like Beyoncé when she premiered Drunk in Love in 2014? ”wrote one user on the social network, while others urged the African-American artist to collect royalties from López for the idea.

López ignored the comparisons and has continued to promote her empire like a wreck. Besides the song In The Morning is launching its line of cosmetics “JloBeauty”, which goes on the market on January 1, 2021, and continues to advertise its company of boxes with ingredients to make healthy meals.

Source: EFE




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