In the case of Maluma and Jennifer López it couldn’t be any other way than to be sexy. And so is her new video clip,. an audiovisual work in which they have included two songs,Well, you Y Lonely, halfway between Spanish and English.

The video clip begins with Well, you in Spanish, showing Jennifer Lopez as a wealthy millionaire and Maluma as a modest driver of the lady.

Soon, both begin a relationship with not a few costume changes and swaggering, to end up in bed together … from which they wake up startled to be already immersed in the second song, Lonely.

There the roles change: Maluma is an FBI agent and López is arrested for her alleged bad practices as a millionaire.

But it is locked up in a jail fashion, where, of course, both look equally scantily clad and showing off bodies in all their glory.

“I’m excited, because it’s the first time people see Kat and Bastian, our characters from Marry Me, which is the film that will come out in February, where we play a musical couple, “Jennifer López explained in her social networks, since both will premiere a film in 2021, of which the video clip is “an aperitif”. And “if the appetizer is good, wait for the main course,” said Maluma.

The video clip came almost to a million views just hours after being uploaded to YouTube.