She will be the protagonist, but also the executive producer of the feature film, informs Variety, quoted by

The studio did not provide details about the project whose action is set in the 1990s and is written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, who also signed “Five Feet Apart” and “The Curse of La Llorona”.

“Dirty Dancing” was released in 1987, and the cast also included Jerry Orbach and Kelly Bishop. The action is set in 1963, in the resort of Catskills.

The film grossed $ 217 million globally and sold over 1 million home video units. The song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life”, composed by Franke Previte, John DeNicola and Donald Markowitz, was awarded a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

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In 2004, Lionsgate’s Artisan released the prequel “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.” Lionsgate owns the distribution rights to the “Dirty Dancing” movies.

Jennifer Gray won the 11th season of “Dancing With the Stars” and starred in Amazon’s sitcom “Red Oaks” (2014-2017).

The actress divorces after 19 years of marriage

Jennifer Gray recently announced that she is divorcing her husband, the American actor Clark Gregg (58 years old), after 19 years of marriage. The two, who together have an 18-year-old daughter, Stella, remain in a friendly relationship.

“After 19 years together, we separated in January, aware that we will always be a loving and caring family. We have recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close friends and are deeply grateful for the life we ​​have had together and for having our daughter. PS We cry when we make this post “, the two wrote.

Jennifer and Clark have an 18-year-old daughter, Stella, together.Jennifer Garner (right) with daughter Stella (left) and ex-husband, actor Clark Gregg PHOTO Getty Images