Actress Jennifer Garner presents the work of her hands Sharing on Instagram in a fresh picture. He has carved a skillful pumpkin lantern for Halloween. In the picture, he is holding a large round pumpkin in his arms. A smaller pumpkin peeks inside the giant pumpkin.

The picture made oitis pregnancy speculations rumble in some. Namely, a few commentators immediately assumed that Garner cunningly said in the picture that he was facing small ones.

– I thought for a second that this was a pregnancy announcement, one fan writes.

As soon as the pregnancy interviews began, Garner began to correct the misunderstanding.

He said he himself did not even notice how ambiguous his image was.

– I’m still not having more children. Lord, I didn’t even smell this, I just saw myself harmonize with each other, Garner commented, referring to his own wide smile and the smile he carved on the pumpkin.

This was the second time this year that Garner’s some image sparked pregnancy speculation. Last month, Garner posted a video, where she appears in coveralls. One commenter shouted oitis in the comment box if the woman was pregnant.

Garner acknowledged to the commenter that she is not pregnant. He joked that he may have gained more weight due to the corona pandemic in home isolation.

Garner has three children together with his ex-spouse, the actor Ben Affleckin with. First-born Violet is 14 years old Seraphina 11 years old and pit Samuel 8 years old. The parents of the children were married from 2005 to 2018. Affleck suffered from a severe substance abuse problem and Garner helped treat the substance abuse clinic after the couple had already divorced.

Source: People