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After the preliminary study, Jeep Wrangler’s top model V8, the Wrangler Rubicon 392, did not expect much for itself. from 96 km / h for 13 seconds to a quarter-mile of standing start – while maintaining unchanged terrain.

What’s more, it’s even better than average, as the car got a 50mm undercarriage lift and beadlock (rim-bolted rim) heavily cammed tires. The resulting terrain numbers are impressive – 262 mm clearance, 44.5 / 22.6 / 37.5 degree terrain angles, 825 mm wading depth.

The point, of course, is to remember the big V8 engine that Jeep hasn’t offered the Wrangler for nearly 40 years. The block has been specifically tuned to the SUV, so it delivers three-quarters of its maximum torque near idle. In addition to the aluminum cylinder heads mounted on the cast iron block, an active intake manifold, variable valve control, double spark plugs per cylinder, sodium-filled exhaust valves, hollow stem intake valves, oil-jet piston cooling ensure special capabilities. In addition, the unit is able to shut down one of the rows of cylinders, and the fuel pump is calibrated to be able to feed the engine even in extreme conditions.

The air otherwise enters the engine via a three-stage Hydro-Guide intake system (56 liters per minute): the air introduced through the bonnet is on the one hand colder than if the engine is sucked out of the engine compartment and on the other hand contributes to increasing wading depth. If the primary air intakes are clogged due to snow or mud, the engine will be able to suck air from elsewhere. The exhaust noise from the four end pipes is controlled by a valve and is controlled by either the automation or the driver.

The legendary SUV got a real racing engine 3

The transmission is an eight-speed automatic that can be switched from behind the wheel for the first time in Wrangler history. The fully electronically controlled unit adapts to current driving conditions, and its transmission has been chosen to support climbing rocks as well as highway racing. Two functions in the motor control support the implementation of dynamic stationary starts.

All-wheel drive is permanent, has a bisector and two differential locks. In the field, there are separate modes for advancing on slippery, shaky ground; a five-speed creep program helps you advance, while in descent the transmission’s extremely large 48: 1 creep ratio supports the driver.

The legendary SUV got a real racing engine 4

Due to the more powerful engine and the expected higher stress, the engineers reinforced the Wrangler Rubicon 392 chassis and braking system. The first cornering stabilizer is releasable.



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