Without official reports, the news about the status of Michael Schumacher they come from the statements given by the few who can see him. One of them is Jean Todt, President of the FIA ​​and former head of the ‘Kaiser’ in Ferrari’s heyday.

The French leader has confessed that he was just a week ago visiting the Schumachers at their house on Lake Geneva, in Switzerland, where the family lives before they can complete their move to Mallorca, where they already have a house ready.

“I saw Michael last week. He keeps fighting,” Todt summed up to the PA agency, in statements collected by ‘The Independent’. “By God, we know that he had a terrible and unfortunate ski accident that has caused him a lot of problems. He has an extraordinary wife by his side, his children and his nurses, and we can only wish him and his family the best. All I can do is be close to him and if I can do something else, I will do it, “said the former Schumacher boss in his five titles in red.

The great moment of Lewis Hamilton will make them fall little by little more Schumacher records, something Todt considers inevitable under the circumstances. “He will break all of Michael’s records simply because he is a very talented driver. He is motivated and he drives for the best team. He has the best car, the best engine and all the ingredients are there,” he admits.