Jealous drama among the candidates

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The pressure of competition increases and with it jealousy. Eleven men fight for the favor of the “Bachelorette”.

Jealousy and competition characterize the next round of the RTL dome show “The Bachelorette” (also via TVNow). The candidates, who have just spoken to each other so lovingly with “Bro”, increasingly get into an argument with each other and demand more time with Melissa Damilia (25, “Love Island”).

Leander gets sick at the single date on the high seas

Bachelorette Melissa makes it clear at the beginning that she wants to feel the men on the tooth: “I want to see if it could be enough for a future together.” First of all, she chooses Leander (22) from the group of applicants and invites him to a single date on a small private yacht. But the start goes “bad” in the truest sense of the word. The 22-year-old gets nauseous in the swell, his face is pale as chalk and he has to close his eyes and can hardly speak.

But Melissa shows understanding. When she asks him to dictate lines for a message in a bottle, he becomes romantic: “What is meant for you will find its way to you.” And then Leander is better again and the two of them enjoy the rest of the trip on the deck, snuggled together. For this, Melissa will give you a rose in advance. Leander rapt: “At a moment like this you think a kiss, but it wasn’t the right time.”

The air at the beach party is tough

On the next group date, Melissa meets five expectant candidates on a private beach. But the men are noticeably growing impatient. Daniel G. (28) is annoyed: “We waited for her here for an hour. Everyone asked themselves: Where is she …?” Moritz (31), with whom Melissa has already spent time on a romantic one-on-one date, is suddenly cramped. Melissa also notices this and advises him: “Have more self-confidence!” That makes Moritz even more nervous and he confesses dissatisfied: “My feeling is worse now.”

Meanwhile, the quarrel begins in the villa. Especially Ioannis (30) has a difficult time and is offensive to the “Bros” with his direct manner. “In the end we are all chasing the same woman”, he states soberly and sums up: “The tension rises – the mood sinks!”

Tension also arises when Melissa takes the three Daniels to a fortune teller who reads the four from the coffee grounds. Daniel M. (31) has a whimper: “That makes me very nervous. I believe in something like that.” His namesake Daniel B. (34) says: “A friend found out during Ayurveda that she had breast cancer!” Daniel H. (24) from Vienna sees it more routinely: “My mother does that too – she reads cards.” It is still sentimental.

The fortune teller’s tears flow at Melissa

The Greek meets sensitive points when she looks into the cups, and Melissa’s tears roll too. During the one-on-one interview, she confesses to Daniel B., who just shed tears of joy in thought of his grandmother: “I haven’t seen my father for four years.” Daniel comforts her: “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t gone through so much grief and suffering.” That goes down well with Melissa, she feels understood.

In the candidate villa, rumors of an overnight date are making the rounds. The ex-soldier Patrick (29) is angry: “I haven’t had any contact with Melissa in the last few days! I’m dissatisfied.” When Daniel H. from Vienna is the chosen one, he gets angry: “He looks good, is smart, has already had four dates – that’s annoying!” And Daniel M. from Berlin railed: “I don’t believe anything here anymore!”

No kiss for Daniel from Vienna – despite the second individual date

Meanwhile, the charming student from Vienna comes dangerously close to Melissa. He pats her back on the wicker sofa, makes her laugh, looks her in the eye for a long time and pays compliments. There is still no kiss. Melissa admits: “I’m putting too much pressure on myself and then it doesn’t work.”

And then the next night of roses begins again. Angelo, Patrick and Sebastian have to go. Patrick in particular is annoyed by the rebuff; he had previously told Melissa about his difficult childhood and opened his heart to her. Melissa is sorry: “There was just no feeling.” The artist Christian (33) touches Melissa with his childhood, which he spent with eleven siblings with foster parents. Melissa: “He just has such a big heart!” And gives him a rose as a reward.


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