Javier Mascherano confessed the shock he felt when Lionel Messi sent the burofax

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The Estudiantes midfielder told about his communication with Leo when he was about to leave Barcelona.

The stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic has been putting ellipsis on the resumption of Argentine football for more than six months. And while there were some seasoned footballers who decided to hang up their boots in the midst of uncertainty, Javier Mascherano made the decision to extend his career for at least a few more months. He told it in a report in which, among other things, he talked about the situation of Lionel Messi at Barcelona, ​​the club where in not so distant times they knew how to be teammates.

“The word retirement does not sound strange at all to me, it is something natural for any footballer and more so at one’s age. One begins to think, to imagine how it will be. There were times when yes, I thought about it, but I wanted to compete a little longer and give myself the opportunity to train to see how I felt, and I have no problem. Let’s hope that the return will be now in the first days of October, “he said the boss in dialogue with Enough of everything by Radio Metro.

The possible departure of Messi from Barcelona shook the world for several weeks and the midfielder, friend and former teammate of Leo, He referred to how he lived those days of uncertainty.

“When there was a chance that Leo would leave he was moved, it is difficult to imagine him outside the club,” admitted Mascherano. And he added: “He is the most important player in the history of Barcelona. He has been a very important piece, if not the most important. Beyond the friendship I have with him, I would have been sorry if he went badly and with a break. Not being fired as a club legend should be. I’m happy that he stayed, I have affection for the club, that means that the club is going to continue opting for important things, it deserves to go through the big door “.

Regarding the communication that they maintained in those days, he affirmed: “At times like this I am not interested in bothering Leo, I spoke and expressed my support, but neither did I investigate too much, these are things that one has to take personally in the family alone.

Mascherano also commented on their bond and their final decision: “I speak often with him, I let him know that it was a joy for me that he stayed. He was convinced, you realize that in the end what is important is happiness.”

mesh He made his debut in the Argentine National Team under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa, more than 17 years ago. The midfielder, who admires and respects Loco, also referred to his arrival in the Premier League: “The most important coaches in the league have said it, which is a great injection of optimism for the Premier. If it was already the best in the league world having the best coaches and today the best players, that today there is one of the best Argentines like Marcelo, it is very important for us. Hopefully he does well, as he deserves. Throughout his career he has not managed to reap everything what he deserved. Hopefully he can do it now. “

Finally, the one who emerged in River spoke about his decision not to return to the club that saw him born, after returning from soccer in China. “River called me once or twice when I was in Barcelona and I told them that it was not the time. When I decided to return, one of the offers I had was that of Students,” Masche said.

Then he referred again to that occasion when he did not greet the fans when he faced River with Barcelona. “I acted as I thought I had to act, if any fan felt hurt, I apologized. At that time I represented another institution and had to toast. It seems that something broke and I have to accept it.”


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