Javier Cantero reappeared and again pointed against the Moyano: “They are fearful and unpresentable”

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The former president of Independiente assured that the current drivers of the club use the bar brava and that the members are afraid of it.

“When they arrived at Independiente, the Moyano wanted to have an outward face that was better seen than the one they had up to that moment, but the truth is that they are unpresentable.” The phrase, forceful, is from Javier Cantero. The same one who left Independiente after a turbulent period marked by his strong confrontations with the barra brava – behind whose movements he always saw the current president and the vice of the club – and by intense pressure in which he ended up throwing in the towel with the team in the B.

Speaking to the program The cornice, which is issued by The Nation TVCantero returned to give details of the difficult moments he lived in front of the Avellaneda club, and refloated his harsh criticism of Hugo and Pablo Moyano, of whom he affirmed that they came to the club with the intention of washing their image before society.

“The Moyano,” Cantero pointed out, “came to Independiente not only because they are Independiente fans. The people of Independiente, Independiente’s partners, Independiente fans, fear them, they don’t respect them. They fear them.”

Asked if he believed that there was a hidden intention of the current leaders to do business with Independiente, Cantero said: “I think it is one of the ingredients, that’s for sure. But I also think they wanted to have an outward face that is better seen than the one they had until then. But they are unpresentable“.

And he added: “They are people who can be 30, 35 years old, in charge of a union, believing that they are the only ones who can do that job, which I think they will not release because if they release it, they go to prison … All the problems that We all know that they have with OCA, with different organizations, they are mixed with corruption. “

The former leader also recalled the reasons that led him to resign. “It was because of the threats and pressure. Pablo Moyano used Baby Álvarez is already part of the bar to get me out and in exchange for that he had to give him things, he had to pay him to go to the World Cup, give money, whatever. At one point, when he settled in the club, he did not want to do it anymore and the problem between them began. But in the meantime I believe that the illicit association is related to that … Moyano father and son are the head, they win the elections, they use the brave bar for their jobs, cheap labor I suppose for them, because it was also black. .. And well, from there they manage the field and manage the club with that kind of people. “

Cantero also returned to talk about one of the most violent moments that he had to live, when a group of bars literally invaded his office in the absence of the Police. “I was alone in my office, it was noon. And suddenly my secretary comes very worried to tell me that I was entering the bar. And I told her ‘I’m not going to attend to them’, as if I could do something so they wouldn’t come in. .. And he told me there are no policemen, they are going to enter, I cannot stop them “.

Cantero’s memory continued: “I called a commissioner on my cell phone just as they were entering, and there they closed a door with a lock and I stayed with them; they came to ask me for money for the flags, tickets to go to see the games … well, we had a very strong discussion. Baby I defended myself so they wouldn’t hit me and the other one next to me got up as if to hit me. “

After winning the elections at the end of 2011, Cantero presided over Independiente with the slogan of eradicating violent people from the club, until in 2014 he left office prematurely. In the middle there was also the historic descent to the National B. He has already made it clear that he will never return to club politics. And whenever he can, he repeats his criticism of the Moyano, whom he sees as the main responsible for the climate of violence that caused his downfall.


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