Valencia is a powder keg, worth the double meaning, both sports and institutional. Decisions of Peter Lim have led to the departure of heavyweights such as Rodrigo Moreno, Dani Parejo, Francois Coquelin The Ferran Torres among others, but promised to Javi grace, his new coach, who was going to bring him reinforcements … that have not arrived.

The Navarrese coach has taken just a month and a half to realize that Lim’s word is not always kept. “I see it (the squad) like everyone else, weakened as a result of the departures that have taken place, not only because of the players who left last season but because of this one as well. Five important players in the team have left the squad is weakened. They told me before coming that they would bring reinforcements “, He complained in the previous derby against Levante with which they start LaLiga.

Realizing what he had said, he broke a spear in favor of those who have remained. “Those of us who are here are here to compete. I do not want to be misunderstood. I do not want the slightest merit to be taken away from how the squad is competing, in an exemplary way. It is necessary to strengthen the team and do it as soon as possible,” he insisted.

Although he tried to bite his tongue, he was unsuccessful and pointed to a serious communication problem. “I’ve talked to who I need to talk to three or four times. The last one today, before training. For different reasons that I cannot understand, the options are closing“, he lamented.

“There is still a deadline and I am confident that it can be done. During all this time, work has been done. I have been involved in the possibility of incorporating a player, but I am a little disappointed with all this. No players arrive. There is time and I trust that we can incorporate them. Of course we can compete, but I feel sad “, he admitted, since he foresees that this lack of reinforcements will greatly complicate his objectives.” The club will not be able to demand from us what it should demand of us because we are Valencia CF, because of our history and our potential. That is the pain I have. I want to compete for objectives consistent with the history of Valencia CF “, he highlighted.