• Bemström, 21, won the SHL paint kingdom at the age of 19.
  • The Columbus striker is on loan at HIFK until the end of November.
  • Bemström scored the goal immediately in his HIFK debut, when the team won Ilves’s goal 6-3 in a practice match on Wednesday.

As the Finnish Championship League start on October 1, young NHL promises have flowed to Finland through loan agreements.

– In addition to training, you also need to be able to play and develop in a competitive environment, GM of the Columbus Blue Jackets Jarmo Kekäläinen outlined his club for young players in August.

In an interview with The Athletic, Kekäläinen said that the players welcomed the idea of ​​starting the season in Europe.

– And why not? If you don’t want to play hockey, you’re in the wrong profession, he stated.

The top card in the SM League’s NHL loans is represented by Blue Jackets contract players Emil Bemström (HIFK), Alexadre Texier (KalPa) and the goalkeeper Wine Vehviläinen (JYP).

– Jarmo is honest and a good GM. He has given me the opportunity to play in the NHL and trusted me, Bemström praises.


In accordance with the entry regulations, the Swedish stubble pestle in Finland began with a two-week quarantine. It ended last Monday when he got to practice with his new team for the first time.

– HIFK is a professional organization, and I’ve heard about a lot of good, he says.

– I’m excited when I get to play hockey again.

Bemström succeeded in the goal in his first match in the ranks of HIFK. He scored the hosts’ second goal when HIFK defeated Ilves 6-3 in the practice game.

The king of painting

Bemström received his SHL baptism of fire at the age of 17 in the 2016–17 season in the ranks of Leksand.

A real breakthrough season, he played at the age of 19 in Djurgården in 2018-19. The fast-footed and hand-held striker scored a score of 23 + 12 = 35 in 47 matches and won the SHL goal kingdom.

The team advanced to the finals, but ended up in silver against Frölunda. Bemström was awarded SHL’s Newcomer of the Year.

– It was the best season of my career so far, and I will always remember it, he said.

– I developed in holistic gaming then.

During the peak year, Bemström also sparkled in the national team shirt. In the Youth World Championships he was 4 + 2 = 6 Sweden’s best scorer and scorer.

In the Swedish A national team, he played three matches and scored three goals.

NHL agreement

Columbus Blue Jackets had already booked Bemström in 2017 in the fourth round of the NHL draft and as the 117th player. Now it could quote with satisfaction how long leaps of development the Swedish promise could take in a short time.

In the spring of 2019, Blue Jackets entered into a three-year entrant agreement with Bemström. He made his debut in the NHL last season, playing 56 matches with points 10 + 10 = 20.

The powers could have been even bigger if he hadn’t had 12 matches on the sidelines due to a rib fracture.

– There was a crossbar, and I had to step aside for a month. The season, for my part, was variable anyway. The first half went a little while getting used to the NHL game, but after Christmas it started to get better.

In the late summer playoffs, he played all five matches in the Blue Jackets, but was left without power labels. Tampa Bay ended the team’s season with a 4-1 win.

Fiery itch

When Bemström is called talent, he receives a compliment, but reminds him that there is a lot of work and training behind it.

The man is known as a skilled skater and a sniffer of finish lines. He has the ability to find the puck in traffic jams and hit hits up close. Of course, it will work even further.

– When I was young, I shot the puck a lot, he backgrounds his trademark, ie high-quality shots.

– I like to shoot, and I should probably do more of that in games.

HIFK attacker Teemu Tallberg is ready to sign Bemström’s words on the basis of a few days of joint ice training.

– A really skilled and talented player. The bet is pretty heavy. For Emil, when we get the puck, I think a pretty good percentage of it is inside, Tallberg says on HIFK’s website.

Puck family

Emil Bemström comes from a real hockey family. Father Jörgen Bemström and uncle Stefan Bemström once played about 500 matches at the highest level in the country in Elitserien.

Jörgen’s father served as captain of Södertälje SK from 2006 to 2009, and Emil’s puck began in the ranks of the local small club Järna SK.

– Dad has helped me a lot. He still monitors my games and gives advice on what I do well and where there is room for improvement. It’s good to have someone besides a coach who you can talk to about playing this way.

Stanley Cup

Bemström’s loan agreement with HIFK is valid until the end of November. If next season’s NHL training camps start before that, he will then return to Columbus.

– This is a good opportunity for me to grow as a player, Bemström states about his HIFK wash and also says about his long-term goals:

– I hope to win the Stanley Cup someday. That’s my biggest goal.