Jarkko Martikainen has said in the middle of his concert that he has been asked if he ever thinks of texts when making his right – wing fans.

– I answered: no, Martikainen commented.

Martikainen went on to say that when he does songs, he does not think any more about the left, the Greens or any other political group in his fan base. Martikainen primed his song that it has aroused resentment, especially among right-wingers.

– Instead, the chairman of the basic Finns Jussi Halla-aho likes it very much, Martikainen ended his spree and played a song by YUP criticizing capitalism Obese skeletons.

In honor of his 50th anniversary, Martikainen has published a book of the same name, in which he has compiled almost a hundred of his best lyrics and told in a biographical tone about the backgrounds of the songs. He says in his recent book that he has received death threats for only one of his copies.

The song is Halla-ahot. The song was made in 2011. In the same year that Halla-aho was elected to Parliament and her lyrics were at least more blatant compared to the man’s current image.

Smart emails

In an interview with Iltalehti, Jarkko Martikainen says that Jussi Halla-aho’s most fundamentalist Followers have become exceptionally very clear about where the “champion” is mentioned everywhere. Martikainen says he has received emails that he considers silly.

– Some tried to teach me. They urged to read the script (Jussi Halla-aho’s blog) and certain songs call for me to admit that I’m wrong.

Martikainen says that he always tries to have a conversation with people and does not want to burn bridges. He describes some of the franchisees who sent emails as believers.

– I replied that you are a believer and believe away. I have nothing against it. You have your master and messiah. His name is Jussi Halla-aho. I have never had one.

Martikainen interprets that the person who sent the email felt that biblical quoting from Scrpita’s verses would have taken away Martikainen’s desire to make the Halla-ahot song. Martikainen says the song could have said just as well though Joseph Stalinist.

– This is a song I made from my own starting points. I thought it felt so cold that Jussi’s model valued people. In his model, man has nothing but instrumental value. If he is not ready to act according to his teachings, weak collapse sizes. It’s such a foreign model to me that I had to polemicize it a bit.

Martikainen describes the conversation and twisting as “boring”. Instead, the death threats went over.

Will YUP ever return?

Jarkko Martikainen says that he read in the interview that Jussi Halla-aho has liked two Finnish recording bands when he is younger. Maija Vilkkumaan group and YUP.

– At one point, he had a great love for what YUP did, which is kind of a pretty charming turn in the story. It has, of course, raised questions on my head that I cannot find the answers to. And I don’t need to. After all, we all listen to music from our own point of view.

YUP is a progressive rock band formed in 1987, which took an indefinite break in 2009. Martikainen says that the band members were first friends. As everyone’s life has changed, so have friendships.

Martikainen says he had to admit that the band members were only in the “dune place” during the most difficult end times. He felt that if no new enthusiastic tone could be found, the band would no longer include any of the reasons why it was ever formed.

– I haven’t written that I would beat the last nails in the coffin. Or we would never play together again, he says.

However, it would require something. Martikainen has written in his book that performing songs in public the way they deserve would require up to hundreds of hours of training. For the band to go for it, it would require something that isn’t there at the moment.

The solution is annoying for nostalgic fans, but perhaps understandable.