Mr. Proud presented Reino Nordinin on their own version of the band Raha from Reino & The Rhinos. Ylppö has prepared a twist for his performance that surprised everyone. In the middle of the song on the stage he stepped himself Jari Sarasvuo, who began to speak on stage to the astonished Nordin.

A surprising turnaround

In the original version of the song, Nordin states that Finland is attracted to businessman Jari Sarasvuo. Surprisingly, the businessman himself stepped onto the Life Only stage precisely because of this mention.

– Oh, it feels like you’re pissing Sarasvuo? And on top of the deal still Olli? No Reino, there must be a bit of teenage fist in the scarf at that time, Sarasvuo stated.

The artists followed the turn at the table in complete embarrassment, and Nordin’s sense of humor was enough for the surprising turn. Afterwards, he glowed profoundly at Mr. Ylpö’s surprise.

– It’s amazing! I have often wondered in retrospect that hopefully Jari not ever hear this, Nordin said.

Sarasvuo says that after hearing Mr. Ylpö’s idea, the plan to surprise Nordin is in a class of its own.

– I told Proud that this is a dark idea! That now ask many times from the channel, the producers, ask everyone! I’m ruining your day! I’m probably today asked four times, that may suffice Reinolla sense of humor, he said after the show.

Sarasvuo’s fear did not prove to be justified, but Nord continued to praise the performance.

– You brought such a great spiral ball here. Awesome idea, Proud that the sayings of youth strikes the sun in that way, Nordin said.

Some kohahti

Viewers were also amazed that Sarasvuo himself stepped on stage in the evening episode. Many repeated their moods in Some after this, and especially on Twitter, the conversation went wild.

– Pretty guy Jari Sarasvuo. Unbelievable! one Twitter user spoke.

– An insane example of what a whole new level opens up when a person has the ability not to take a wrinkle, and as the Swedish say “bjuda på sig själv”. Great bet, Jari Sarasvuo and great cooperation! the other glowed.

– Holistic humor where humor was not an obsession. Real fun. There were no three morning radio presenters forcibly giggling and then the song playing. The song to play and the atmosphere slowly elevated.

– What a top yard when Jari Sarasvuo was Only in life.

– Great bet! I’m surprised!

– Now everything has been seen when Jari Sarasvuo was involved in the Just Life program. It’s hard.

– Godfather Jari Sarasvuo! Now it was a hard throw and completely off the bush, I appreciate!

– The Ylppö-Sarasvuo combo was unbridled.

– A song that is quite foreign to me, but Jari Sarasvuo’s visit is a pretty tough thing.

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