In his new book published by Otava, a rally driver Jari-Matti Latvala shares his own view of why a love affair Maisa Torpan with failed escorts. According to him, Maisa Torppa betrayed her a week after her engagement at the Himos Festival in 2017.

The book says that information divided the Latvala family in two. Jari-Matti, Maisa and Jari-Mat’s mother were on the same side and on the other side were Jari-Matti’s father, sister and sister’s male friend.

Jari-Mati’s sister says in the book that she was in Himos at the same time.

– Maisa behaved like a single woman. I tried to discuss the matter with Maisa at the 50th anniversary of Vesa Keskinen, which gave Maisa reason to claim that I had visited her. Jari-Matti forgave Maisa, says her sister in her biography.

During 2018, Jari-Mat’s conflicts with the family continued. The distance between the sister and Maisa was broken and Jari-Matti felt that he was a bad middleman and it taxed the focus on his own work. In the summer, he put the women at the same table and came to a truce.

However, the peace lasted only a moment: in the autumn of 2019, Seiska reported on Maisa Torpa’s secret relationship with IT-Mikko. This is where newspaper writing began, and as the autumn progressed, Latvala announced the cancellation of the wedding.

– I wasn’t sorry about the difference. I want to believe that Maisa loved Jari-Matt in some way, but she had her own intentions and goals all the time, Jari-Mati’s sister commented on the couple’s difference in the book.

“I was alone”

Jari-Matti herself describes the everyday life after the difference filled with difficult work patterns in the book.

– I traveled from Japan to Finland and arrived in an empty apartment in Helsinki. Maisa had collected her belongings and moved in with her new male friend. I had presented briskly in Japan and believed to myself that I was prepared for the situation and all is well. Now the truth struck his face and there was emptiness. I had nothing more. I sank to the floor and cried all the horrible tears of the year at once. I was alone and really lonely, Jari-Matti Latvala describes his collapse after the resignation.

He says he is drowned in work. It worked and the well-being began to improve. The gaps in my own family began to improve a little quietly after the separation.

– In a couple of weeks, I was already able to think more positively and periodically look to the future. I realized I finally had time to do things that had been left undone for years. I had time to develop my business, which was a big hole.

At the turn of the year, he was glad that the new year 2020 had begun and the heartache was left to the old year. He spent that time with his family and that’s when the feeling came that everything would work out.

Iltalehti tried to reach Torppa to get him to comment on the allegations in the book. However, Torppa did not respond to the interview request.

The book Jari-Matti Latvala – Life’s Special Exam, published by Otava and written by Riikka Smolander-Slotte, will be published on October 1.