Fitness coach and former professional bodybuilder Jari “Bull” Mentula posted an emotional update on his Instagram account in which he openly talks about the criticism he has received for his appearance.

– I understand that my Larvi not please everyone, and I’m all by myself for many years done an duunia that the veins will appear elsewhere in the penis … When is ugly enough, it is already beautiful, Mentula write.

Over the years, Mentula says he is used to being appointed.

– I was also known for the fact that I will tell things baldly, so I guess I deserved it, that people comment on my appearance without a filter … I have also been in the public eye long enough that I realize that people commented on and criticized more than Bullia Jaria. I can honestly say that no some comment will get under the bull’s skin anymore, he continues.

Mentula states that only the opinions of the closest people and the relevant feedback from customers are relevant to him. In his update, he also encourages his followers to consider whose opinions in life are worth listening to.

– I recommend that you think about who the people are worth listening to. The opinions of others can be taken as entertainment and enjoyed by having in your life enough that someone can manage to use their own energy to comment on your life, appearance, or actions.

Despite his serious subject, Mentula ends his update with a joke.

– One thing is for sure, it’s always worth listening to your wife … and Mentula has a penis in Latin, she sculpts.

Mentula married in Greece Maruzella “Maru” Election Stone in the summer of 2016. The couple living in Tampere was born in 2016 Romeoboy and born in 2019 Robin-son.