Jared and Ivanka are ready to return to a Manhattan that no longer welcomes them

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If the celebrations that swept through the streets of New York City in the wake of Joe Biden’s victory made one thing clear, it’s that the Trumps are not welcome in Manhattan, as reported by the CNN.

For the president, who changed his primary residence last year to Florida, this may not be a major loss, but for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the block parties celebrating the demise of the Trump administration can give a glimpse of what awaits you once you leave the country. White House.

Now that their political life in Washington is over, the question for this once golden power couple is what their time in the political spotlight has meant to their brand, particularly on their old Manhattan grounds.

“[El presidente] He was so terrible and divisive about New York, saying it’s a nightmare or it’s empty or it’s been, “said Jill Kargman, writer, Upper East Side resident and daughter of the former Chanel president who has socialized at events with the couple in the past. “No one here is going to forget that. Even coming back here after everything you’ve said isn’t going to work. “

In the days before they were White House denizens, Kushner and Trump inhabited a rarefied part of New York society.

They frequented the Met Gala, her in a strapless royal blue dress one year and a backless scarlet jumpsuit the next, and the Vanity Fair party for the Tribeca Film Festival. She made the rounds at fashion events, attending the Carolina Herrera catwalks, a Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts celebration for Italian designer Valentino, and the Glamor Women of the Year awards.

Now, however, they may not like what they find if they return. A glimpse of what is likely to await them was showcased in Times Square last month, where the anti-Trump Lincoln Project put out ad space on a pair of Times Square billboards that featured their smiling faces along with coronavirus death statistics and an illustration of body bags When the couple threatened to sue, the group transferred the boards to a billboard truck that circled Trump Tower and onto a ship that set sail for Mar-A-Lago, according to tweets from the project’s co-founder.

New York is not the only place to call home, of course. While the couple have been quiet about where they intend to reside after the White House, they have kept their sprawling Upper East Side apartment, an East Wing official said, and are considering spending more time in New Jersey, according to a a source familiar with the couple’s thinking.

Two sources who have worked with the couple believe they may end up in Florida, specifically the Palm Beach area. Trump has amassed a number of acquaintances in the state, both socially and politically, and in recent months he visited Florida at least five times, hosting campaign events in Republican areas like Sarasota, but also making appearances in Miami. A base of operations in Florida would not only provide Trump with a platform should he look to a future political career there, it would also prevent the couple from facing off against New York.

However, Mar-a-Lago is not an option for his permanent residence, according to a source with knowledge of family dynamics. Although Ivanka Trump has a private guesthouse there, Mar-a-Lago is the first lady’s preferred home and she and the president’s daughter have a cold relationship.

Meanwhile, Washington may no longer have much appeal. “They only know DC from being in power,” said a senior Republican. “Wait until they realize that no one is answering their calls.”

In fact, inside the White House, according to sources, the expectation is high for them to return to Manhattan, even if that means an inhospitable homecoming for the couple.

On the one hand, anyone can decide to return to their respective family businesses, where they each worked before the White House. Representatives for Ivanka Trump and the Kushner Companies did not respond to requests for comment on this story. A spokesman for the Trump Organization forwarded the calls to the White House.

A White House official said of Kushner that “there are a lot of opportunities to explore,” noting his involvement in criminal justice reform and the Olympics, among other issues. The official added: “There will be many opportunities available, and right now it is premature to speculate.”



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