Japan aspires to host Tokyo Olympics within the expected summer of 2021 “at any cost” for consideration to organizers and athletes who are preparing for the event, as the Japanese minister for the Olympics said on Tuesday, Seiko Hashimoto.

The Japanese minister thus reaffirmed the determination of the hosts to carry out the Olympics. in the summer of 2021 despite the continuing global health crisis of the coronavirus, after last March the organizers and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to postpone the event for the same reason.

“I think we have to host the Games at any cost,” he declared. Hashimoto at a press conference, where he also pointed out that the hosts “must concentrate all your efforts in the measures against the coronavirus “.

The Tokyo Games must go ahead “because there are so many people working together to prepare themAs athletes are also making considerable efforts for next year under the current circumstances, “the Japanese minister stressed.

Hashimoto’s statements are in line with the position of the IOC, which has expressed its willingness to organize in 2021 some Games adapted to the new scenario raised by the pandemic, and the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee.

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“The IOC is fully committed to holding the Games next summer. And our position is the same, has not changed in recent months, “said today in another appearance before the media the spokesman of the organizing committee, Masa Takaya.

“We maintain our commitment to organize the Games on the new dates and to make all possible efforts to make the event safe for athletes and the public “stressed the spokesman, who did not want to “speculate” with possibilities such as delaying the event again if the situation of the pandemic worsened.

The organizing committee and the Japanese government began last week to discuss a series of measures to manage the arrival of athletes to Japan for the Games, and they plan to present concrete proposals in the coming months that will be agreed with the IOC and with the international federations.

Before the end of the year the hosts will also address the arrival of foreign spectators for the Games and their possible access to stadiums, in the current context of broad restrictions at the entrance of foreign visitors applied by Japan due to the coronavirus crisis.

On this subject, the spokesman pointed out that the organizers “carefully observe” the developments in different countries -including Japan- where sports competitions have resumed of the highest level, in some cases with spectators in the stands and with different health security measures.