Someperson and currently a morning milking radio show Janni Hussi, 29, has sparked an avalanche of comments and likes on Instagram with his recent photo. In the shot, Hussi poses with his legs under his shirt so that his knees look like chest.

– Moiccu! Hussi writes in connection with his published picture.

At the same time, Hussi also released another picture, taken so far away that you can see her knee splitting from under the shirt.

Huss’s Followers have received his joke with great joy, and the image has garnered nearly 17,000 likes in four hours. In the comment field, the image pair has also been commented on very diligently.

– Meinas morning coffees go in the wrong throat when I saw that Hussi has applied for a filling from Tallinn, one follower commented.

– The moment passed when he realized, the other is laughing.

– The best! the third glows.

Some of Huss’s followers have taken the picture as a statement.

– Not always the picture tells the truth.

– Well this! At what point did the “tits to throat” style become your beauty ideal? one follower ponders.

Hussi recently made headlines when he was told he would take the lead Anni Hautala In Suomipop’s popular morning broadcasts as a presenter. Hautala has been on maternity leave.