Joined Radio Suomipop’s presenter card Janni Hussi released an update on Instagram in honor of Entrepreneur’s Day, in which he recalls his first plot gig. Even then, he had a great fire working in the future as a presenter.

Hussi says that he became an entrepreneur when he was 19 years old. He began his career as an entrepreneur, working as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and trade fair promoter.

Hussi made his first plot gig in 2011 at the Kouvola Wilderness Fair. There was a lot of excitement in the air.

– I remember how much the first speaker spoke into the microphone in front of the trade fair audience. I also remember how cool it felt when, after the tension had dissipated, I was able to enliven the experience of trade fair visitors, he says.

At the time, he also made a bold move by approaching a trade fair organizer.

– I remember when I was told that the organizer of the local Pioneer Festival is walking there anyway. From that seat, without further ado, I walked over to that gentleman, slapped the (most crappy) business cards I had just ordered out of my pocket and said that if he ever needed a reliable presenter, then here would be one, he says.

The attempt paid off, and the approach spawned several plot gigs for Huss.

– With some miracle lynx I managed to convince the festival organizer and after the fair he put a message that the plot wash is the sun. After the pioneer festivals, he hired another local festival Löytty Open Air and immediately after Kuopio Rock.

Hussi recently made headlines when he was told he would take the lead Anni Hautala In Suomipop’s popular morning broadcasts as a presenter. Hautala is soon on maternity leave.

– A lot has happened since those times. But if someone had told me at the time that in 10 years you would have your own weekend show on the radio and met to watch Finland’s most listened-to morning program, I would probably have laughed and said that this is how Hussi sums up his update.