Presenter and television star Janni Hussi is celebrating his anniversary today with businessman Joel Harkimo. To celebrate the anniversary, they have both shared the same sample, presumably from a common home couch. The picture also shows Jann’s dog Harri.

Janni Hussi has written to accompany his picture:

– We have been in this line-up today for 2 years. It has been throwing the best 730 days! And how much can fit in two years, huhhuh! Even if you would like to say, you are not waiting for new adventures together, yes it is, you are not the best of everything.

You can see the picture too from here.

Joel Harkimo has also made an update on the anniversary.

– We have an anniversary. We’ve now been running for two years together and they’ve been the best in my life. In addition, Janni Hussi became the sales manager, Joel Harkimo writes to accompany the picture he shared, showing his words to the Harri dog.

Janni Hussi has told the evening newspaper that her and Joel Harkimo’s story actually started thanks to the Harri dog.

– We started talking about dogs, and that discussion deepened. Then Joel asked me to scramble, Janni Hussi told Iltalehti about the end of 2018.

– Love ignited on the back of a motorcycle. Both of them felt so good that we thought the damn division was here to brake, Hussi stated at the time.