A musician who became familiar to the general public from the Idols singing competition Jani Wickholm tells Iltalehti that the coronavirus situation has greatly affected every aspect of life. He was the first to talk about it Yle.

– This time is full of shit, Wickholm says to Iltalehti.

Spring in particular was heavy for the man when all the gigs disappeared from the calendar and there was no income at all. No new music was born either.

– This takes the desire to do. I’m up to the age of four and played the music has always been my life’s origin. Everything is based on music, Wickholm sums up.

The entire event industry has experienced a hard bump with the corona as almost all events and performances were canceled in the spring and early summer.

– Yes, this is awful this Corona time. I am not the only one affected by this. I terribly don’t have a safety net in these matters, but this is a free fall, Wickholm tells Iltalehti.

Wickholm has been touring actively for years. He has released seven albums. Acoustic performances with guitars in particular have become a trademark of Wickholm. The gig also gives the singer as much as the audience.

– That’s when I have something to give when I sit by the player and open my mouth.

Elanto consists of gig bonuses. There will be no money without gigs. Uncertainty about the future also freezes a well-known musician.

– I don’t know if there will be more gigs, Wickholm says grimly.

Wickholm has two pre-school children whose well-being is very important to him. The musician wants to do his best to make the kids have everything. According to Wickholm, in the worst moments, the family had to resort to food aid.

– Money is made in that field, it becomes the basic livelihood and with the help of music the work is taken forward. That basic bread must be made in Finland so that it can be done here, he states.