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It’s about “You’re Beatiful”, the song that made him a star. The lady assures that it is dedicated to her.

James Blunt became world famous riding his hit You’re Beautiful, whose single sold more than four million copies and made its author a star. Such was the success that some wanted to receive a cut: a woman claimed royalties from him because she claimed to be the person he refers to in the song.

Thanks to You’re Beautiful, Blunt sold around eleven million copies of his debut album, Back to Bedlam, published in 2004. At that time, I was 30 years old. The song tells what the author himself felt once he saw an ex-girlfriend in the subway with another man.

Aware of the difficulties involved in re-creating a song that reaches such popularity, as he told several interviews, Blunt developed a funny way of expressing himself on social networks, where he makes a constant self-parody of his career, which contrasts with that image of the type soft that was assigned to him for his misunderstood hit.

On his Twitter profile he describes himself as “proof that one song is all you need.” Several times he joked about that hit: “I am known as a serious and honest guy who writes romantic songs that play at weddings, but the reality is that I was misunderstood. The song is about a guy who is drugged and harasses another’s girlfriend in The subway”.

The megahit also brought him some troubles. An American fanatic sent him a fifty-page text in which he maintains that You’re Beautiful talks about her and demands that she pay her royalties for having used his image.

“It was terrifying. She passionately claims to be the girl I saw on the subway. She sent me that fifty-page document about how I was harassing her, and that’s a bit creepy, “the musician told the British newspaper The Sun.

The singer-songwriter got to know the woman who follows him obsessively: “Since she’s a huge fan of my music, we meet on different stages, at recitals or whatever. I had to point out to her that I was not on the subway in 1984, which is when she says she saw me. “

“The reason I was able to prove that she was not the woman in the song is that in 1984 I was ten years old, and the first time I visited the United States was in 2002. So all of that was a little strange,” he added. .

“I had a few bullies, but I don’t always have a need to talk about them because they gave me wonderful gifts. One was an amazing box, like an old airline pilot’s case. Inside there was a miniature copy of elements of my life, like a piano, a guitar, sheet music, “he said.

And he gave more details: “On the walls of the box there were photos of me as a boy, and books that I said I read, and all the covers of the records that I released or that I ever told that I heard. Basically my whole life was in that box. The only thing missing was myself. One day I will find myself shrunken, tucked inside.

Blunt proved that You’re Beautiful had nothing to do with American women, so that the legal actions did not advance. Anyway, to this day the singer refuses to say the name of the ex-girlfriend who unintentionally helped him launch his career.

The song gave her enormous satisfaction, but also bizarre headaches, like the claim of this fanatic or its inclusion in the seventh place in a list that the magazine Rolling Stone elaborated on the most annoying songs ever. But he takes everything with humor and laughing at himself, something that earned him two million followers on Twitter.



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