Jair Bolsonaro attacks Alberto Fernández again: “He is rapidly moving towards a regime similar to Venezuela”

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The president of Brazil has been criticizing from the PASO “the populism” of the current Argentine president.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, again attacked the Argentine government this Thursday, arguing that the Alberto Fernández administration is “rapidly moving towards a regime similar to Venezuela.”

For the right-wing leader of Brazil – according to the local media OGlobo- in Argentina assumed “a government that has already manifested itself in the past to follow the Sao Paulo Forum “, in reference to the Front of All.

Bolsonaro added: “Even with the anger of many, the left responsible for the failure of that country returned to power. And they are rapidly moving towards a regime similar to Venezuela. “

Bolsonaro’s criticism of Fernández had already begun just after the victory in the PASO of the then candidate of the Frente de Todos.

On that occasion, the president of Brazil wrote on his Twitter account that “with the possible return of the group from the Sao Paulo Forum in Argentina, now the people are taking your money from the banks. “

Bolsonaro even expressed that time the same concept as this afternoon: that “Argentina is, by populism, ever closer to Venezuela.”

And he added in those days: “If this left returns to Argentina, we can have here a new state of Roraima (border state with Venezuela) and we don’t want that. “

The critics kept a line in time: on September 2 of this year, Eduardo Bolsonaro (one of Jair’s sons) harshly criticized the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina.

In a post on social media, he said the quarantine is “a calamity” and called the Fernández government “socialist.”

The declaration of Eduardo Bolsonaro precisely, bilateral relations were strained again, weeks after a diplomatic meeting between Ambassador Daniel Scioli and the Brazilian president.

That same night Alberto Fernández replied to Jair Bolsonaro’s third son: “I don’t know the Bolsonaro.” And he added that the relationship between Argentina and Brazil is “indissoluble”.

“I don’t know the Bolsonaro. “Bolsonaro’s family is very concerned for me and for Argentina, I have nothing (with them). They would have to be interviewed. I cannot say much about what this man said, “said the Argentine president,” concluded the Argentine president.


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