Jaime Lorente has shown, on more than one occasion, to be capable of putting himself in the shoes of practically any character. Now the actor has thrown himself into the pool in the world of music.

The Murcian, who is sweeping El Pavón Teatro Kamikaze with the monologue Kill tires and soon we will see him on screen starring in the fiction El Cid, which premieres on December 18 on Amazon Prime Video, has surprised with the jump to the music scene.

Known for his roles in series like The paper house O Elite, Jaime Lorente has opted for a hybrid genre between pop and rap with which he wants to show himself as he is: “I have the need to communicate a part of myself that I only manage to do through music”.

The actor has surprised with the launch of Heart, a song produced by Pablo Gareta that already has its own video clip. Lorente is taking this new artistic facet very seriously and ensures that it will not be sold for a musical success: “This is not a one shot. We are preparing many things and we will publish what we consider deserves to be published, things we fully believe in. ”

With the songs Heart Y Come closer already edited, the artist is prepared to listen to the criticism and assures that they will not care: “I don’t do this to be just another artist. I do it because I need to”.

With this new adventure in which he has embarked, Jaime Lorente shows a new talent: “I wanted to do something very intimate in the video, that it was a pure reflection of the song “.

The video clip has already accumulated more than 157,000 views and is part of a “very honest musical project.” As the actor relates: “It’s Jaime”.