Jaeden Martell wolf boy in the movie trailer

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The trailer for The True Adventures of Wolfboy is out, in which Jaeden Martell is a teenager with the appearance of a wolf. Also in the cast are John Turturro and Chloe Sevigny.

“This is a movie for any kid who has felt outcast,” writes one American critic of The True Adventures of Wolfboy, and what teenager has never felt out of place, different, wrong, even a monster? The film will therefore speak to many with Jaeden martell which in America comes out only on demand on October 30 and of which it has been released the trailer.

Directed by Martin Krejici to his first work, this film, which judging from the images seems truly original, tender and funny, also features two famous actors alongside the protagonist, such as Chloe Sevigny (the mother) e John Turturro as the eccentric owner of a freak circus, or sideshow. The other actors are Chris Messina, Eve Hewson, Michelle Wilson, Stephan McKinley Henderson e Sophie Giannamore. This, however, the plot:

Paul was born with a condition known as congenital hypertrichosis, which is exaggerated growth of hair on his face and body. He is not the first wolf man or dog man to suffer, as these people exhibited in circuses were called in the nineteenth century and beyond. For his thirteenth birthday, Paul is given a map showing him a place where he can find answers about where he came from and what he looks like. The boy then sets off on a journey where he meets various characters and learns not to hide.



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