Jade Magalhães returns support after ending engagement with Luan Santana

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Four days after announcing the end of the engagement with Luan Santana, Jade Magalhães went to her Stories to thank the messages of support received for the new end of the 12-year relationship. “I am passing by here after a few days gone. I needed to come here to thank you for all the affection I am receiving. I have a warm heart with so much love,” replied the stylist. “Thank you for the beautiful messages. I’m reading everything, I’m just not able to answer all of them, but thank you! You have been very special at this moment”, completed the ex-fiancee of the countryman.

Jade and Luan had two other separations. Record!

Listed to act on the remake of the soap opera “Pantanal”, scheduled for 2021 at nine o’clock on Globo, Luan started dating Jade in 2008. Five years later, the couple broke up, but they got back together in 2015. In March, new separation. They stayed away until December of that year when they were reconciled. In 2019, the singer asked the stylist for an engagement during a balloon ride in Portugal. Months later and living with Jade, the artist defined that moment of the relationship. “We are living on a honeymoon. It is the beginning of a life for two, a life that will soon be celebrated with a wedding, to constitute our family and be very happy,” he pointed out last June.

Giulia B denied romance with Luan: ‘Amigo’

Giulia B recently stated that she is close to the interpreter of “Unforgettable”, with whom she made a duet, but guaranteed that there was nothing but friendship between them. “We ended up becoming very friends and we have a lot in common about musical tastes. We also identify with our values ​​and principles, not only in music, but in the family. We ended up being very close. He welcomed me into his house with his family and met my mother, who is my manager. They became best friends. It ended up being really cool, it went beyond just music, it was history and exchange. He is a friend I want to keep for my whole life “, said the young woman, the words during an interview with “Altas Horas”.

Luan extolled 12-year relationship with Jade Magalhães

The singer had already used his nets to demonstrate after the engagement with the stylist ended. At the time, the musician reported crying for the separation. “We hugged each other so much that it looked like it was going to cramp our elbows … But in the end, we let fate do his job,” he said, recalling having started exchanging messages with Jade on social media. “At Orkut, I got MSN. At MSN I got the phone. In fact it was always like that, even after we started dating, always step by step, always without haste, living our phases with patience”, he recalled.

(by Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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