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The president’s daughter leads a campaign rally to support her father in South Florida, a key entity seven days before the US presidential election.

Ivanka Trump’s event in downtown Miami on Tuesday to support her father was a party before it started. The roars of the Harley Davidsons and the Ferraris decorated with the face of Donald Trump, the sauce at full volume and the masks on the wrist served as a warning to the attendees: whoever supports the Republican has money, a desire to party and many displacements. The song Macho, macho man it later sounded from the speakers on the stage flanked by a giant American flag. In the midst of the rebound in cases of covid-19 in Florida, in one of the Hispanic centers of the country par excellence, the president’s daughter has pointed out before an amphitheater with hardly any sanitary measures: “If you believe in freedom, the only option is Donald Trump ”. In this way he sought to win over a Hispanic electorate, mostly of Cuban origin, which is key for the presidential elections next Tuesday.

From before the event began, Florida Lieutenant Governor Jaenette Nuñez summed up in one sentence what was repeated for an hour and a half later: “Our families suffered from communism, socialism, we know what it means. They can’t tell us lies, can they? ”, He launched in Spanish to a few hundred attendees who, although they did not fill the Bayfront Park auditorium in downtown Miami, were noted with shouting and dancing. Ivanka would insist later: “Today I received a message from my father saying:“ America will never be a socialist ”, and the attendees celebrated it standing up with cheers.

It’s clear that, at least in South Florida, Trump’s Republicans know how to connect with the Hispanic public, which makes up 20% of voters. The rallies in this corner are half in Spanish, hardly any campaign proposals are discussed and only one ghost is fought: communism. And that’s the offer. For Republicans in Miami to vote for Trump’s party is to vote for democracy. There is no room for a deeper debate. Thus, a Trumpist event in Florida, where for many Cubans any hint of the left, no matter how moderate Joe Biden may be, is a remnant of Castroism, is a guaranteed success in advance.

Los Tres de la Habana, a musical group of Cuban exiles, sang a salsa composed for the campaign that resonates in every corner of the city. The chorus insists: “Oh my God. I’m going to vote for Donald Trump ”. And the attendees, most of them without masks, began to dance. A scene that contrasts sharply with the rigidity of protocol during Democrat Barack Obama’s rally in North Miami on Saturday. The former president spoke to a hundred cars, no one was less than 50 meters from the stage and most were able to follow him through a screen.

Ivanka Trump has gathered hundreds of citizens on Tuesday who were already demonstrating in the streets of the city these days, shouting on the boulevards and causing unprecedented scenes of political polarization. Although Miami Dade County (where Miami is located) has voted for Democrats in previous elections, within a week of these elections the most staunch supporters of the Republican flood everything. If you were to walk through this city for the first time, you would think that Trump is the only contender in the race for the White House. There are hardly any signs in favor of Joe Biden, nor have the acts of the Democrats been so popular. “Miami is Trump’s home, baby”, Sentenced in English Mercedes Schlapp, a Cuban-American who worked with Trump in the White House and who accompanied Ivanka in his act.

From one of the seats in the amphitheater at Bayfront Park in Miami, Amada Delgado, 66, listens to Schlapp and identifies with his story. “My father was also a political prisoner in Cuba. Democracy is fragile, you know. And the Democrats live a fantasy of life, “he says. Little is said about national politics in these events, although the recent confrontation between the Hispanic community and the African American community has surprised: “We demand law and order. There will be bad cops, like everywhere. But the Black Lives Matters are criminals, anarchists ”, adds Delgado.

The speech is repeated on stage. At one point, Ivanka asks attendees to get up to support law enforcement. A group that belongs to the movement Blacks for Trump (Niggas with Trump) hold up their signs and show off their T-shirts. One of them carries a banner that reads: “Biden will cause World War III.”

The act also sought to strengthen women’s support for Trump. In the so-called pendular states (with more indecisive), as is the case of Florida, the polls indicate that the Republican president has lost the support of these voters. Biden leads her rival 23 points in supporting women in suburban developments in those states, according to a recent survey by the newspaper. The New York Times and Siena College. And on Tuesday night, Ivanka has pointed out mothers like her to go out and vote for their families.

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