Goran Ivanisevic attracted many glances during the 2020 Roland Garros final in which Rafa Nadal offered an exhibition to add his thirteenth Cup of the Musketeers. The former tennis player was quick to say that the Spaniard did not had “no chance”, which cost him countless criticism in the networks sociaoes, and now back away.

The provocative words of Ivanisevic about the final they set fire to social networks both during the match and after Nadal overwhelms Djokovic in just three sets.

That is why 24 hours after being in evidence -and becoming a viral phenomenon- decided to retract and explain why he was so arrogant: “It is very easy to play the easy card and say ‘we’ll see’, or that ‘the winner will be the best player of the day’. I said it the way I felt it. “

Now the preparer of ‘Nole’ change the speech and admit that “Nadal has shown that he was totally wrongof course. Now it’s time to turn the page “, in addition to recognizing that” of course what Rafa has achieved in Paris is perhaps the greatest achievement in the history of sport. “

  • The networks are primed with Ivanisevic for saying that Nadal had “no chance” in the final against Djokovic