Ivana Trump is concerned about the health of his ex-spouse, U.S. President Donald Trump, he says Peoplein an interview with the magazine.

Donald Trump said he was infected with a coronavirus on Friday. Also the president’s wife Melania Trump is infected. The president is currently being treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

On Saturday, Ivana Trump tells People that she is in contact with the couple’s children together on a daily basis and is actively monitoring the state of the president.

– This is a very difficult and stressful time. I talked to all my kids and of course they are worried, Ivana Trump says.

Ivana Trump and Donald Trump were married between 1977 and 1992. The children of Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump.

The infection surprised

The ex-wife said the president’s illness came as a surprise. According to Ivana Trump, Donald Trump is a very clean and healthy person and takes great care of his hygiene, for example.

– He is a 74-year-old man and a little overweight. Otherwise, she is very healthy, Ivana Trump tells People.

– He was careless. He didn’t think it would happen to him.

Ivana Trump says she is not aware of the president’s current state of health and therefore does not share more information about the situation.

– I just hope he recovers and recovers. But who knows what will happen. I know nothing about this virus like no one else. No one knows a cure, he notes.

No doubt about the victory

Ivana Trump does not believe that a coronavirus infection would affect her ex-husband’s election success.

– He wins. There is no doubt about it, he tells the newspaper.

Self-confidence is not even shaken by Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s first election debate, which even Ivana calls catastrophic.

– Donald wasn’t good, Biden wasn’t good at all. It was a horrible, horrible debate, Ivana Trump commented.