Iván Marcone goes to Elche: what does Boca gain with his departure?

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The operation is part of an assembly that allows the club to ensure the continuity of Pol Fernández.

The time of Ivan Marcone in mouth. In the end, he will not go to Independiente, the club of which he is a fan, but will go to European football: he will reach the Elche from Spain, a team recently promoted to the first division of Spain, whose coach is Jorge Almirón and the owner is Argentine businessman Christian Bragarnik.

Just in time when the closing of the pass book in Europe came, the operation was secured in which the Xeneize will lose a player who arrived in 2018 for a record amount (7 million dollars) and who ended up displaced at the hands of Jorman Campuzano in Boca’s starting team. For the DT, in addition, the spare part in the midfield for the Colombian is Nicolás Capaldo.

Marcone will meet again in Elche with Almirón -who, like him, is represented by Bragarnik-, the coach with whom he lived at the champion Lanús, which until now was the best moment of his career. And the operation will be a loan with a purchase obligation.

As part of the operation, Boca will ensure the extension of its relationship with Pol Fernández, for whom until now he had to execute a clause in December to keep his pass, belonging to Cruz Azul. Why? The idea of ​​the club is to fix a new loan at least until December 2021, but with the option to buy the pass at the same time as Marcone with Elche.

It will be a way for the Mexican club to pay off a debt for the transfer of two Tijuana players, whose main shareholder is also Bragarnik, who will benefit from Marcone’s arrival at Elche.

For Boca the benefit also comes from getting rid of Marcone’s high contract, one of the best payments of the current squad despite being a substitute. That relief in the budget will go to a priority that is now imposed: improving Esteban Andrada’s contract.

The goalkeeper, although he did not receive offers that seduced Boca in the last market, had expressed his desire to leave in the short or medium term to a destination that would allow him to ensure the economic well-being of his family. Something that, with the current amounts that he receives, is impossible for him.

Now, Boca hopes to improve the situation of an irreplaceable player and adjust the nuts to avoid an exit that would leave a very large gap. Meanwhile, Marcone will continue his destiny in Europe after a step in Boca that did not meet the expectations that had been generated with his arrival.



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