The leader of the National Folk Music Orchestra “Lăutarii” from the Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Botgros, was detected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus last week, being transported to the Chisinau Emergency Hospital, where he was in serious but stable condition.

However, the form of SARS-CoV-2 that the master has is quite serious, and the doctors decided to take him to the ATI department of the hospital, in order to keep him under surveillance.

Iuliana Tudor sent a message to the conductor on her Facebook page.

“Master, I’ve been talking to you for two weeks. And I know you hear me … come on, master, fight! Fight with that extraordinary force with which you burn on stage, with all the energy that makes you unique and elevates you where few they have the chance to reach, to understand! Fight for life as you have always fought for art! With all the fiber of being! Come on, master, the Romanians are waiting for you! you will only hear it humming sadly like a car programmed by others When the Fiddler is silent, the joy of the people is silent When the Fiddler is silent, the music closes in the drawers with the padlocks of death, because music means life And in your blood flows Only music, so only life! When the FIDER is silent, God seems to be silent too, for through music he has been speaking to us since the world began.

So, Master, come to battle as I know you, as I know for sure that you are already writing a score for a future of the good man who goes through everything with faith, hope and love! It’s the music of the Heart of my “Fiddler”! I look forward to it! I am now humming the theme of our instrumental suite. You know, the one that tore our tears and emotions so many times. Come on, master, fight! With love, yours, Iuliana! “, The TVR star transmitted.