When Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X in the framework of the Game Awards 2019, the design inspired countless memes that to this day, almost a year later, the community continues to evoke.

One of the most popular memes is the fridge, based on the idea that Xbox Series X It is shaped like one.

But rather than bother, Microsoft fed the meme with its own humorous displays and one of the most recent we saw in the fridge real Xbox Series X gift that he gave to Snoop Dogg.

Now to continue with the train, the company will give away one of these refrigerators Through a dynamic that he announced on his social networks and that he accompanied with a hilarious video in which we see the refrigerator being unpacked in a warehouse.

After being removed from its box, the fridge It is open and we see how inside it shelters various edibles alluding to game IPs. Look:

Participating in the dynamics is very simple and it is not even necessary to buy one Xbox Series X.

The first thing is to reside in a region that has support from Xbox Live. The second thing is to have 18 years or older (Although if that is not the age of majority in the country where you reside, the permission of the parents or guardians will be necessary).

What follows is to follow Xbox on Twitter and then give retuit to the publication with the video of the refrigerator (the one we pasted lines above), including the hashtag #XSXFridgeSweeps.

This retweet must be no later than November 4th, that is, after that day it will no longer be possible to participate.

Seven days after the dynamic ended, Microsoft will choose at random to the winning person, who will receive the personalized refrigerator that has a value, according to the company, of $ 499.