The history of 007 with the video game it has been one of both historical traces and complete mistakes.

For example, GoldenEye 007 1997 is considered one of the best games of all time thanks to the fact that it showed that consoles could also be fertile ground for first-person shooters, while the last James Bond title that came out on home platforms, 007 Legends, dates from 2012 and is seen as a disgrace to the brand.

But it will be time that another era of 007 reaches the arena of video games and it seems that it will be one that will be worth it, as the developer IO Interactive has confirmed that his next title will be focused on the spy licensed to kill.

The ad is enough to excite anyone who follows Bond and is aware of the work of I, because we are talking about the developer who has been behind the celebrated franchise Hitman since its inception.

The saga Hitman portrays the actions of a hit man who can use a variety of methods to complete his missions, leaving the player free to choose to open fire left and right or resort to secrecy, infiltrate and liquidate only the target without anyone noticing.

Of course the Hitman They reward that you choose the secrecy.

The sole premise of the saga starring the stealthy, lethal and hairless thug makes I be a perfect choice for 007 to be brought back to interactive entertainment with dignity.

About the game, the only thing IO reported is that it will have a completely original plot located at the agent origins.

Players will be in the shoes of the world’s favorite secret agent on your way to earning 00 status in the first James Bond origin story ‘, reads the developer’s website.

There is no release date announced and it is better to get used to the idea that we will not see it for another few years, as IO said that at this time is recruiting talents from around the world to develop the game.