It’s official: football returns from Friday, October 30

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Argentine football is back. And it will be from Friday October 30, the day that Diego Maradona will turn 60. All a sign for this sport, which after fulfilling the phases of the sanitary protocol approved by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, will now be able to resume their professional activity in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The draw for the Professional League groups will take place this Friday afternoon.

On March 16, the ball stopped rolling in the Argentine Republic indefinitely. The last game that was played was a triumph for Colón over Rosario Central by 3 to 1 in the Gigante de Arroyito, in the debut of Eduardo Domínguez in the Santa Fe team. Marco Ruben scored the last goal.

The months passed without firm news and with several threats of return in the middle, but the end of the wait already has an officially confirmed date: October 30.

This was stipulated after the hinge meeting held on Wednesday night at the Casa Rosada by all the parties involved so that the reactivation of the most popular sport in the country had the green light once and for all. After 227 days of standing, the initial whistle of a referee will be heard again in a match for points.

At the final meeting were the Minister of Health, Ginés González García; his partner in Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, and the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero. On the side of AFA, the president, Claudio Tapia, Nicolás Russo (executive secretary), Víctor Blanco (general secretary) and Sergio Rapisarda (member) were present.

Also there was Marcelo Tinelli, president of San Lorenzo, one of the vices of Viamonte 1366 and head of the Professional League, in charge of organizing the tournament that will have the 24 First teams separated into six groups of four each. The draw will take place this Friday 16 at 2:00 p.m. at the Ezeiza property and will be televised by TNT Sports, Soccer pack signal through which the matches can be seen, although some will have an open screen on Public TV.

Minutes before 9pm, Chiqui and the soccer leaders left the Government House and approached the gate to communicate what was resolved in a conclave that took place in cordial terms.

All football is back. The other categories of the Ascent will also begin gradually. On the 30th the Professional League will return, on November 7 the First National will return, on November 23 the First B, the C and the feminine, and on December 6 the First D. On November 21 the Federal Tournament will also return ” Tapia detailed.

“For all Argentine soccer leaders it is important. We have been very respectful of health regulations. We have accompanied and remained in the same position to return when the health authorities authorized,” added the leader of the AFA, an entity that sought that the He returned out on October 23, a date that television also wanted, which continued to pay for all these months without a product on screen.

But the final word was always from the Ministry of Health. As found out Clarion, Ginés, Cafiero and Lammens met a while before to analyze the date, taking into account the scenario of some areas more complicated by cases such as Tucumán and Rosario, for example. It was also important that domestic flights were opened. They defined it to be October 30 and they communicated it to Tapia, who did not object.

González García was very satisfied with the soccer leaders with the fulfillment of the protocols in the different training sessions of each team, the preseason friendlies, the Copa Libertadores matches and the National Team match against Ecuador on the Boca court.

In terms of this, Chiqui He said: “We all needed a lot for football to return, but the main thing was always the health and physical integrity of all. We have been carrying out several tests that have been carried out successfully, such as the Copa Libertadores matches, the Qualifiers and the friendlies. That was the kickoff for the return“.

And he gave some detail of how the matches will be carried out: “The protocols already know what they are. It will be without an audience. Perhaps some aspect needs to be improved, such as the relocation of delegations. It will be played in the Interior, of course. “What was not encouraged to confirm was how and when the Argentina Cup will be launched, since each category has a different starting date.

Lammens was the one who spoke on the government side: “This is good news, it is one more step and we are happy. We had the decision that football would return a few days ago, but honestly the health situation in the Interior had made us put a pause. Now we believe that the situation will tend to normalize in the next few days and we have decided that the 30th is an appropriate date. “

The Minister of Tourism and Sports said: “Symbolically the return of football is very strong, but we have not won any battle. The message is clear: we cannot relax, but we must learn to live with the virus and that is what this return is about “.


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