Yesterday, the new Xbox Series X and Series S were officially launched around the world, two consoles that we have already tested and of which we have made their respective analysis. And it was precisely in the analysis of the Xbox Series X where one of the big surprises was the excellent heat dissipation that the console does thanks to its new ventilation system that can draw cold air from the bottom to distribute it and remove it from the side. top, however, a video in which a Series X is shown blowing smoke has gone viral on social networks.

One of these videos is from the user @Arek_Adamowicz from Poland, where he mentions that his console started to smoke even when it was turned off. However, conveniently for him, in the video the lower part of the table cannot be seen, which is precisely the part where the console sucks in cold air, so it is very easy to fake this “smoke” by making people think that the console is burning.

On Twitter, the account of a user called @XboxStudio also uploaded a video in which he explains how these videos have been created, and all he has done is turn off the console, and while the fan continues to spin, vaper underneath, which immediately it is sucked in by the fan to expel it and comes out of the top of the console, which gives the effect that this smoke is probably from a component that is burning.

Why can’t the Xbox Series X burn?

First of all, we must mention that there is no internal component that can generate a chemical reaction that causes the console to catch fire, in fact, the electronic components that catch fire is because they include a lithium battery, but none of the consoles of Xbox nor PlayStation has any component that can explode.

In fact, since the last generation the Xbox One and PS4 already had an automatic shutdown switch that came into action when the consoles generated excessive heat that could damage the components, because far from your console going to catch fire, it could suffer some damage from excess heat.

Also, most of the thermal tests performed on the Xbox Series X showed that Microsoft’s new console manages to stay much cooler than the Xbox One X when it is in use.