It’s even about wedding

At the end of the court week, the heavily in love Scotland fans Lutz and Steffi forge big plans for their reunion.

Both “Farmer seeks wife” farmers (RTL / TVNOW) the last ones can get to know each other in intimate togetherness: Patrick sends one of his ladies home, Denise gets up close and personal with Sascha in the pool and Simon doesn’t even have to speak to all the candidates until he makes a decision. The dream couple Steffi and Lutz are even about getting married.

After Julia (25) and Sofia (22) have already shown a lot of patience with Patrick (24), the candidates are now calling for a decision on whom the young farmer wants to get involved with. With a heavy heart he decides in favor of Julia, mainly because he fears that he will not get out of the friend zone with Sofia. Then the Munich woman can finally move from the hotel to Patrick in the yard – and cuddle up with him in bed. “I’m really happy now,” said Patrick on the occasion of the physical contact. “The butterflies are growing more and more,” says Julia.

Pig farmer Thomas (38) and Nicole (39) are not that far yet – he is already happy when he can wake his lady-in-waiting in the morning. At the first breakfast, Nicole worries him by saying that she is a vegetarian. “You already know that I don’t have a petting zoo here …” Yes, it is. Nevertheless, she feels very comfortable feeding pigs: “I always wanted to go to a farm where there are pigs. I just feel good with these animals.” After she has proven herself to be a capable helper in the yard work, Thomas makes it clear: “But you know, I am not looking for a court helper, I am looking for a woman for the other beautiful things.” That could be talked about, said Nicole.

Denise (32) and Sascha (29) are now togetherness after Till’s departure. Sascha even passes the Border Collie test: “It is said that dogs have a very good sense of bad and good people. And my dogs probably have the same feeling as I do and that confirms that Sascha is a good-hearted person”, so Denise. With beer, dirty jokes and first physical contact, we then go to the pool together. That also seems to feel good: “With Sascha, I have the feeling that I’ve known him for ten years.” And Sascha is also happy: “That was a volcano full of butterflies …”

A sign of fate

Potato farmer Peter (34) takes loving care of Alina (29). Eggs and jam are bought in their own farm shop in the morning, which is very impressive. After breakfast, Alina gets to know the potato sorting system and is allowed to put her nimble hands to the test. Until the two discover a heart-shaped potato: “As if it were fate if that wasn’t a sign,” comments Peter. The next highlight for Alina are the donkeys, who react so cuddly to the lady in waiting that she is immediately promoted to the donkey commissioner and cannot wait for her next visit to the donkeys.

The shy Simon is new to the “Bauer sucht Frau” group. The young farmer has been single for two years and is now inviting three women to a group date in a restaurant in Lower Saxony. Getting to know each other is extremely tough, Simon is so cautious that hardly a conversation arises. Things are going better in the one-on-one meetings, at least for Jacky. Before he even spoke to the third woman, he decided: Jacky should be his lady-in-waiting. In a tractor shovel with a sofa and heart balloons, Simon’s friends and acquaintances applauded them to go to the farm.

Rüdiger (54) and Tatjana (48) have already settled down well together in everyday life on the farm. The Russian woman impresses the poultry farmer with her robust scythe skills and her amusing penchant for being pushed around in a wheelbarrow. After feeding the goose, there is the first kiss. “First the happy animals and then the kiss. That was great, everything was complete,” said Tatjana. Rüdiger then pampers you with a pasta recipe based on your own creation. “A man who can cook is just sexy.” Compliments that Rüdiger returns several times.

“One of the most beautiful love stories of the year”

Lutz (52) and Steffi (54) have had their cards on the table for a long time. The two Scotland fans are fire and flame for each other and have a lot of fun together. They practice lassoing together, first on a cattle log, then on Lutz and are happy about the “good catch!” “One of the most beautiful love stories of the year” thinks Inka Bause (52) and wants to see the two lovers up close. On the premises she abducts Steffi directly to a one-to-one conversation among women. “If I have decided to open my heart, then I have to open it completely,” she confesses with tears of joy.

On the last evening of the court week, Lutz surprised his loved one with a Scottish evening in front of a campfire in front of bales of straw and a very special declaration of love: “My dear Steffi, I want to confess my love to you now and today. I would like to invite you to Edinburgh and we can go over it talk about whether we might want to get married there! ” Steffi falls happily around Lutz’s neck: “I’ll never let go of you again!”


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