The Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte announced the country’s tightening interest rate restrictions late Sunday, according to news agency AFP.

In Italy, 11,705 new coronavirus infections were reported on Sunday, the highest daily reading in the country. In total, about 414,000 infections have been diagnosed in the country. About 36,500 deaths have been recorded, the second highest in Europe after Britain.

The new measures will allow regional authorities to close public outdoor areas, such as squares, from gatherings after nine in the evening. Restaurants should limit their capacity and should not allow groups of more than six people. Bars and restaurants should close at midnight at the latest. After the evening guarantee, only the filling and serving of table seats is allowed.

Amateur sports that involve contact between people must also be put on ice.

– We cannot waste time, these steps must be taken so that we can avoid a new large confinement space. Everyone has a part to play, Conte said.

In Europe, more than a quarter of a million deaths occur

The number of corona infections has been on the rise recently across Europe. On Sunday, the number of coronary deaths on the continent exceeded 250,000, AFP says.

Of the continents, Europe has the second highest rate of corona deaths after South America.

There are around 44,000 deaths in the UK, 36,500 in Italy and more than 33,000 in Spain and France each.

Restrictive measures have been tightened across the continent. In France, there is a night curfew, and in Switzerland, face masks are mandatory indoors from Monday.

In the Czech Republic, the government is considering putting the whole country in full confinement. In Germany, new daily infections rose to record levels on Saturday, with the Chancellor Angela Merkel urged citizens to stay at home and avoid all travel.