Italy-relevant Dønnum still plays against Brann: – A lot back and forth

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VALLE (VG) Dag-Eilev Fagermo is now planning for Lecce-linked Aron Dønnum (22) to play against Brann on Sunday – and puts the new signings Vidar Örn Kjartansson (30) and Henrik Bjørdal (23) straight into the eleven.

The latter left Friday’s formation training at Intility Arena no doubt, and Fagermo is as confident he can be that Aron Dønnum will not disappear until Brann visits Oslo East in the Eurosport Norway-broadcast big city match on Sunday night.

– You are never sure, there can be bids for anyone, and it is a long time until Sunday half past eight. But as it looks now, he is a Vålerenga player, and then he defends a place in the team, says Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo about the right wing.

Fagermo said earlier this week

that he thought Dønnum had already played his last match and made no secret of the fact that Vålerenga has accepted an offer from Italian Lecce in Serie B. Now he answers as follows whether the Brann match on Sunday will be Eidsvollingen’s last in Vålerenga:

– Absolutely impossible to say. I do not quite know with Italy and the club. There is a lot of back and forth. It can be fast, but it is not safe either, Fagermo admits.

Dønnum stated that he would not be interviewed by VG after Friday’s training, but things indicate that he has not reached his goal with his personal conditions.

While Dønnum is set to remain a Vålerenga player at least for a while longer, there does not seem to be any agreement with Rafik Zekhnini. Sports manager Jørgen Ingebrigtsen described the hunt for the Fiorentina professional as earlier this week.

Dag-Eilev Fagermo elaborates a bit on the situation of his former star wing from Odd.

– I think he needs to come home, come to a coach who knows him, get playing time and build up again. It has been too messy since he went to Fiorentina. A huge talent stagnates, and may be reversed, even. It is not good, says the Vålerenga coach to VG.

Fiorentina has the telemarking on contract until the summer of 2022. The 22-year-old has been on loan at both Rosenborg and Dutch Twente after the transfer to the Serie A club in 2017. For Vålerenga, it is completely irrelevant to buy free Zekhnini now.

– He needs time to build up. We are willing to help him do the job. But in my opinion, either Fiorentina must speed him up, or they must let him come here. But then the cost is on them. We can not take that, says Fagermo.

– You mean that you take him on loan until the contract expires – or that he buys himself out?


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